Healthy DMU Masterclasses 2020


We’re creating an environment that focuses on your health and wellbeing to help you to live a healthy, happy and productive life. That includes providing you with resources that support your development and studies, helping you to succeed and to achieve your potential.

Masterclasses are resources that will support you and your studies while at DMU and we have developed an online programme which is available for you to book on to. You can go to as many as you wish and they are all free for DMU students.

Students who attend four separate Masterclasses or more will have this formally recognised as an achievement on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

Students will be asked to confirm their attendance confidentially during online Masterclasses with the facilitator.

Masterclasses begin from Wednesday 14 October and will run during term time.

Below is a description of each of the Masterclasses, you can find dates and times on the What’s On section on the Healthy DMU Hub.

Positive mindsets and settling into university.

This masterclass will discuss ways to develop a positive mindset for the Autumn term and share practical tips for meeting people and getting involved.

This masterclass is open to all students and booking is essential.

Wednesday 14 October, 10-11am

Thursday 15 October, 1-2pm 

Be the Best Version of Yourself

This Masterclass aims to help you to find ways to boost your self-esteem. We explore the importance of self-care, in particular the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ and utilise that to create your own self-care routine.

Tuesday 20 October, 10-11am

Wednesday 2 December, 3-4pm

Performance under pressure

This Masterclass will help you understand how pressure can affect us and help you develop ways to be at your best in pressure situations.

Friday 30 October, 12-1pm

Friday 27 November, 11am-12pm

Personal Productivity

This Masterclass looks at improving our personal productivity.  We will look at some tools and techniques which develop qualities and skills to stay productive. These skills can be applied in different areas of your life - personal, academic and workplace.

Tuesday 3 November, 2-3pm

Tuesday 24 November, 12-1pm

Tuesday 8 December, 10-11am

Assertive and Confident Communication

You will explore what assertiveness means to different people and look at your experiences of being assertive.

Thursday 12 November, 3-4pm

Thursday 19 November, 10-11am

Monday 7 December, 2-3pm

Emotional Awareness and Resilience

To improve awareness of emotions and to consider self-help tools and holistic ways to improve our resilience.

Monday 16 November, 2-3pm 

Thursday 3 December, 2-3pm 

Monday 14 December, 11am-12pm

Posted on Friday 9 October 2020

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