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Going to university: a parent's guide

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Choosing the right university is a major decision for your child. As a parent or guardian, you’ll want to help them to find a course and university that they’ll love and will get them where they want to be in life.

We too are committed to supporting them every step of the way. To answer your questions about helping your child through the various stages of making a university application, this page contains explanations and resources about things to consider. We’ve also created a digital student toolkit where your child can get advice and support through their application, or they can have a one-to-one chat with current students and advisers.

A great way to see all that DMU has to offer is to visit one of our Open Days with your child, where you can take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have . These packed events are the best way to gain a feel of what DMU life is really like, should your child choose to study with us.

At DMU we understand that university is just the beginning of your child’s journey, with their degree being  a stepping stone to landing their dream career. When it comes to helping students build their careers, DMU has been named the best university in the UK for doing just that. Our careers and employability service DMU Works was recently awarded the Best University Careers/Employability Service at the National Undergraduate Employability (NUE) Awards in February.

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So your child is applying to university – here are your next steps:

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