International tuition fees

Undergraduate tuition fees

Full-time international fees £15,750 (Band 1/Classroom) and £16,250 (Band 2/Laboratory)

Subject area fees:

  • Art, Design and Humanities: £15,750
  • Business and Law: £15,750
  • Computing, Engineering and Media: £15,750 - £16,250
  • Health and Life Sciences: £15,750  - £16,250 

For accurate information on specific course fees, please visit our undergraduate course pages.

Postgraduate tuition fees

For accurate information on specific course fees, please visit our postgraduate course pages.

Students enrolling on Distance Learning courses

For accurate information on specific course fees, please visit our Distance Learning course pages.

Placements, student exchange 

2023/24 entry:

Placement fee: £1,850

International students studying on a student exchange programme partner university for the full academic year: £1,385

International scholarships

View the undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships available to international students.

How to pay international tuition fees

There are three ways you can pay, see details below. When we receive your tuition fees pre-payment (minimum 50% of the tuition fee), the details of the amount you have paid will be confirmed on your Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS).

Please note that bank transfers and bank draft payments may take up to five days to reach the university bank account, online payments may take up to two days. Please ensure you retain proof of the date and full amount of payment.


Pay online

You will need your student reference number which will be allocated once your application has been received at DMU. It generally takes two working days to reach the DMU account.

Make payment online

Pay by bank transfer – Flywire

Flywire bank transfers enable secure payments from over 240 countries and territories in over 140 currencies. There are a range of payment options tailored to your home country including bank transfers, debit/credit cards and e-wallets such as PayPal and Alipay. 

Pay now with Flywire

Pay by instalment plan

You can opt to pay the tuition fees in full or follow an instalment plan

Pay 50% in advance of registration. The remaining 50% can be made in 2 instalments on 30 November 2023 and 31 January 2024 for those starting in October 2023 and on 31 March 2024 and 30 May 2024 for those starting in January 2024.

International tuition fee policy

All students are required to make a pre-payment of 50% of your tuition fees when accepting an unconditional offer from DMU. This shows your commitment to study with us, which is important to demonstrate for immigration purposes. We recommend that you make your payment as early as possible as receipt of this pre-payment will allow us to issue you with a CAS for your visa application. You may wish to pay more than 50% – some students choose to pay the full amount of the first year’s tuition fees to support their visa application.

If you are applying from a region that requires a credibility interview, please note that certain conditions must be met before you can request an interview. If you satisfy all these conditions, you will receive a link to book your interview.

From 1 December 2023 all students starting their course in January 2024 are encouraged to make a 100% fee payment towards their course fee when accepting an unconditional offer.

When you enrol onto your main academic course

When you enrol onto your main academic programme, if you have not already paid your full tuition fees, you will need to pay the remaining amount due after your tuition fee pre-payment has been deducted.

Students paying their remaining fees at enrolment have two options:

  • Option 1: Pay the tuition fees in full in advance of or on the day of enrolment.

  • Option 2: Pay 50% in advance of registration (a pre-payment). The remaining 50% can be made in 2 instalments on 31 March 2024 and 30 May 2024 for those starting in January 2024.

At the time of your registration you will be asked to set up a recurring card plan or advise us should you prefer to pay manually, using card or by bank transfer.

Students who have not paid a minimum of 50% of the tuition fees by the time of enrolment will not be able to enrol on their course. Students who do not pay 50% of tuition fees before the final date of enrolment will be unable to commence their studies and will have their visa curtailed.

Tuition fee payment refunds

Please note the following information relates only to applicants prior to enrolment. Once a student enrols, they are subject to university rules and regulations for enrolled students.

If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from travelling to the UK to study, you fail your English language test or if your visa application is refused for reasons other than maintenance (financial evidence), DMU will be pleased to refund your payment.

If you change your mind about coming to study at DMU, or you have used your visa to enter the UK, or you have started the course and subsequently leave, DMU reserves the right to retain £1,000 of your total tuition fee payment.

If you have provided false information, forged documents or intentionally provided any information in your visa application in any way which has resulted in a visa refusal, DMU reserves the right to retain £1000 of your total tuition fee payment.

DMU also reserves the right to retain £1,000 of your tuition fee payment should you not join the course due to your visa application being refused on the grounds of not meeting the maintenance requirements under Tier 4 of the points-based system.

Please check very carefully that you meet the financial requirements set out by UKVI before making your visa application. Where you have your visa refused on the grounds of maintenance, and are issued with a new CAS to make a second visa application, which is then successful, DMU will not deduct the £1,000 from fees paid as a result of the original visa refusal.

DMU reserves the right not to issue a new CAS to any student who has already been refused a visa, where DMU deems the second application is unlikely to be successful or the visa application is unlikely to be processed in time for the student to join the course.

To obtain a refund, please complete our Deposit Refund Form stating your case and providing evidence (e.g notification of a visa refusal). If you have not used your CAS to apply for your visa at the point of requesting your refund, your CAS with De Montfort University will be cancelled before your refund is processed. When requesting a refund, please provide your full bank details and your student reference number.