DMU student wins 'Officer of the Year' award from Volleyball England

Third-year Audio Recording Technology student Emilie Førrisdal has been recognised by Volleyball England with an award for her efforts in leading and coordinating opportunities in recreational volleyball at DMU. 

Emilie, who regularly volunteers as a Higher Education Volleyball Officer (HEVO), was awarded ‘HEVO of the Year’ at the Volleyball England Annual Awards for 2020. 

The HEVO programme offers university students a voluntary position to work with Volleyball England and their university, creating opportunities to encourage new players into the sport. 


About her win, Emilie said: “I just think it’s great to have won an award for something that I have really enjoyed doing and has been one of my highlights through my second year.  

“My main focus for the recreational players are teaching them the basics. Volleyball is one of those sports that become more fun when you get the basic techniques, because that leads to more play.” 

Emilie delivered weekly DMUactive volleyball sessions in the 2019 – 20 academic year which saw 89 students and staff participate. She also coached DMU’s mixed volleyball team. 


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She continued: “I had some experience as a swimming coach before starting uni. I really enjoyed that and thought that getting to be a HEVO where the main things is to teach people the basics and get them playing and having fun would be something I would enjoy. 

“Back home in Norway we play a lot of volleyball in school, starting from about 5th grade. I always loved playing and started spending most of my summers at the local beach volleyball court with friends. 

“My favourite part of volleyball has always been the social aspect of it. It's a great way to get to know new people, because to win you have to talk to each other and start working as a team. All players are equally as important.” 

This is a back-to-back win for DMU’s HEVOs as Computer Science graduate James Morris won the award last year

Emilie’s top tip for getting into recreational sport through DMUactive would be “Just to come in with a good attitude and be ready to learn and have fun!” and she will be continuing as an activator in the 2020 – 21 academic year. 

You can view the current DMUactive timetable here

Posted on Friday 23 October 2020

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