DMUsport Leadership & Volunteering

Interested in volunteering or leading in sport? 

As a DMU student, a great way of getting the most out of your University experience is volunteering through DMUsport's Leadership & Volunteering opportunities. Our opportunities will provide you with the chance to meet new people, develop your skills and enhance your CV. There are a wide range of opportunities to get involved with and you certainly don't have to be great at sport, or have always played sport, to volunteer.

Benefits of volunteering with DMUsport

 There are a number of benefits of volunteering with DMUsport, not least in making a positive difference to the wellbeing and university experience of your fellow students:

  • Develop employability skills and help make your CV stand out
  • Opportunity to make friends and socialise with likeminded students
  • Support others to enjoy the benefits of sport and physical activity
  • Opportunities to attend personal development Masterclasses and Workshops
  • Opportunities to access external training and qualifications in sport
  • Access to careers tools and advice
  • Free DMUsport Volunteer Kit 



DMUsport volunteering opportunities


DMUsport Activator

DMUsport Activators deliver the DMUactive programme at the university. The programme offers a weekly timetable of social, non-competitive open sessions for students wanting to keep active, try a new sport or make friends. As a DMUsport Activator you will facilitate sessions, welcoming students when they turn up, leading activities and most importantly of all getting everyone involved. This is a fun and rewarding role; you will develop your own skills whilst helping other students to enjoy being physically and mentally active through sport at DMU.

View our current DMUsport Activator opportunities

  • Opportunities across 10+ sports
  • Locaton: On Campus, Victoria Park & St. Margaret's Pastures
  • Level of Commitment: 2-4 hours per week

Here's some of the great things students have said about our Activators...

"DMUsport Swimming activator, Joe, has been very helpful and welcoming during the DMUactive Swimming sessions. He has taken it upon himself to help me improve my swimming technique. He has been very friendly and overall made my experience much better overall." James Field, Psychology

"Sessions are flexible, laid back, fun, good exercise. No pressure to do certain things you are in charge of what you want to do."  Eddie Tomlin, Business and Management


DMUsport Social League Activator

DMUsport Social League Activators assist with the coordination and officiating of DMU's social sport leagues (intra-mural sport) that take place on a weekly basis across the academic year. You can find out more about the leagues here. This is a great role to develop and add to your CV skills such as organisation, leadership and communication. You will also be at the heart of social, fun competitive sport at DMU.

View our current DMUsport Social League Activator opportunities

  • Opportunities to officiate our two social leagues
  • Appropriate officiating qualification provided
  • Locaton: On Campus
  • Level of Commitment: 2-4 hours per week



Sports Club Committee members

Sports clubs at DMU are led by committees of student volunteers, passionate about both their sport and their club. Committee members manage the day to day operations of their club; coordinating competitive fixtures, social events, sorting finances, and making sure their members are safe, well and happy. A committee position is a fantastic role to have to shape the development and future of your sports club.

See the full list of clubs we support and find your route into club leadership

  • Locaton: Various
  • Level of Commitment: 4-6 hours per week



DMUsport Sports Advisory Group (SAG) Member

 The Sports Advisory Group (SAG) is an elected body of student volunteers that help to shape the student offer that DMUsport delivers. In this role you will vote on DMUsport decisions, represent the wider student voice, help shape the direction and future of DMUsport opportunities and be a central part of the DMUsport team. Students are elected annually, meaning you will be on the SAG for the duration of the current academic year.

If you are interested in being a part of the SAG, please contact us.

  • Locaton: On Campus/Virtual
  • Level of Commitment: 2 hours per month



Still unsure about applying? See what other students have to say about the programme:

  • What would you say to those that are interested in sports volunteering opportunities but aren’t sure whether to go for them?

"I would say just to go for it - it gives you a whole host of new skills and builds upon those you already have, which really sets you up in good stead for a future career involving leadership, whether that's in sports or not! It also looks great on the CV and provides you with useful contacts to network with." 


  • How has your involvement in volunteering with DMUsport helped you in your time at DMU?

"Volunteering as a swimming activator with DMUsport allowed me to meet many incredible people, widening my network, as well as giving me great friends that I'm still in touch with! The skills I learnt and the confidence I developed no doubt helped me to secure my current graduate role on The Civil Service faststream, whilst still fulfilling my passion for sport." 



If you have any further questions on the volunteer recruitment process or if you would like more information about being a DMUsport volunteer, please email DMUsport on