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Programme approval and management

De Montfort University (DMU) operates processes for programme approval and management, from the initial academic planning stage through to validation, and afterwards to the ongoing management and maintenance of the programme. The academic planning process ensures that the university's portfolio is relevant to market needs, reflects our values and strategic vision, and offers a high quality ‘value-added’ student experience. Once approval has been granted, the programme proposal moves forward to validation. The validation process establishes that a new programme is academically viable, that academic standards have been appropriately defined, and that students are offered the best opportunity to learn. From time to time, existing provision may also be subject to modification, or teams may wish to consider suspending or closing programmes, all of which are also subject to processes which assure the ongoing quality of the student experience.

The university devolves responsibility for the approval of most taught provision to faculties, meaning that they take responsibility for the validation of new programmes and the modification of existing ones, within the defined procedures. Devolved provision usually means provision which is delivered by DMU staff at a DMU campus. However, the Department of Academic Quality (DAQ) maintains oversight of devolved provision by monitoring and supporting programme validations and modifications. The university has not devolved responsibility for the approval and modification of collaborative provision| ie non-devolved programmes delivered by staff at another UK institution, or overseas. For this type of provision, the Educational Partnerships (EP) team within DAQ manages all approval and modification activity. The reasons for these two broad approaches are that closer oversight of collaborative proposals can be maintained at university level, and to reflect the increased risk often associated with delivery by non-DMU staff.

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This section is concerned with the role that the Department of Academic Quality (DAQ) plays in overseeing the programme approval and management processes, including academic planning, validation, modification, suspension and closure. Key guidance along with other available material for each area of programme approval and management is presented within the sections listed below. It covers both devolved and non-devolved taught provision at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Supplementary guidance is available which specifically relates to the approval and management of collaborative programmes|. Information about the University Certificate of Professional Development (UCPD) Scheme and work-based learning is also provided in this section.

Roles and responsibilities of those involved in programme approval and management |
Planning new programmes|
Validating new programmes|

Revalidating programmes|
Modifying programmes |
Suspending and closing programmes |
University Certificate of Professional Development (UCPD) Scheme 

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Guidance, policies and strategies for programme approval and management|
Forms, templates and proformas for programme approval and management|

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Programme approval and management includes planning new programmes|, validation| and revalidation|, modification|suspension and closure|. Contact Sally Lloyd| for more information in relation to faculty-owned devolved provision.

Refer to separate guidance for the approval and management of (non-devolved) collaborative provision|. Contact Educational Partnerships (EP)| for further support.

Information about the University Certificate of Professional Development (UCPD) Scheme and Work-based learning are available separately. All forms, templates and proformas| and guidance, policies and strategies| for programme approval and management can be accessed collectively.

Guidance and forms
Guidance and forms

Access the academic quality guidance, policies and strategies along with forms, templates and proformas.

Roles and responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities

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