Academic quality committees

The Department of Academic Quality (DAQ) are responsible for managing the operation of the Academic Board sub-committees concerned with academic planning, learning and teaching, regulations and quality and standards. 

  1. University academic quality committees

    DAQ are responsible for managing and supporting the following key committees:

    • Academic Board
    • Academic Quality Committee (AQC)
    • External Examiner and Reviewer Appointments Committee (EERAC)
    • Taught Programmes Management Committee (TPMC)
    • University Learning and Teaching Committee (ULTC)

    For information about other university committees, please visit DMU Governance.

    Student representatives are involved with university and faculty level committees as full committee members.

  2. Faculty academic quality committees

    Faculty Academic Committee (FAC)

    Each Faculty has a Faculty Academic Committee (FAC) which is responsible to the Academic Board.

    View the full standardised FAC Terms of Reference template

  3. Programme Management Board (PMB) or Subject Academic Committee (SAC)

    The Programme Management Board (PMB), or Subject Academic Committee (SAC), reports to the FAC on the development, planning, design and implementation of the academic subject; learning, teaching and assessment strategies; and quality assurance/assessment processes. It manages the relationships with students, external examiners, relevant partner institutions, and Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) at programme level.

    Below is a guide to running PMB/SAC meetings for Chairs and Servicing Officers, together with a set of supporting templates: