Postgraduate LBR modules

List of all postgraduate modules.

TitleModule CodeCreditsArea
Accountable PractitionerSPEC (5601)15Nursing
Advanced Principles and Practice of Gastroenterology and HepatologyPCPH (5019)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Advanced Principles and Practice of Stoma CarePCPH (5020)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Advancing health and professional practice through independent studyMPHE (5203)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Applied care of the critically ill adultPCPH (5014)30Nursing
Applied PrescribingPRES (5005)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Care of the critically ill child/young person (L1&2)PCPH (5015)30Nursing
Consultation and Physical Examination Skills in an Interventionist RolePCPH (5054)30Nursing
Anaesthetics – Enhanced anaesthetic CarePCPH (5018)30Nursing
Anaesthetics – Fundamentals of Anaesthetic CarePCPH (5017)30Nursing
Developing Health and Professional Practice Through Independent StudyMPHE (5204)15Nursing
Intermediate DysphagiaSALT (5001)15Allied Health Professionals
Making Sense of Quantitative and Qualitative DataHEST (5016)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Neonatal and Infant Physical Examination (NIPE)PCPH (5027)30Nursing
Neonatal Intensive CarePCPH (5026)30Midwifery,Nursing
Neonatal Special and High Dependency CarePCPH (5025)30Nursing
Organisational Change and DevelopmentPCPH (5040)15Nursing
Perioperative core generic skills and values – anaesthetic support and post anaesthetic care clinical practicePCPH (5056)30Nursing
Perioperative core generic skills and values – perioperative and surgical practicePCPH (5055)30Nursing
Pharmacology for PrescribersPRES (5006)15Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
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