Intermediate Dysphagia

The module will allow students to move from carrying out protocol-guided dysphagia assessments and therapy to being able to independently assess clients using a range of methods and to plan, carry out and evaluate individualised client-centred dysphagia treatment packages with clients with a range of aetiologies.

If qualified Speech and Language Therapists meet the pre-requisites they can apply. The fee for this course is currently £625.

There are two streams to this module - adult neurology and adults with learning disabilities. Much of the teaching and learning is done as a whole group as it is applicable to all but some teaching is split for the different streams. Case examples will be used from both client groups throughout.

The main components of the module are:

  • A theoretical understanding of dysphagia, its presentations and variations with different aetiologies within adult neurology/adults with learning disabilities
  • An understanding of the impact dysphagia has on a person’s life and the importance of a client-centred approach
  • An investigation into the evidence base for a variety of assessment and treatment methods
  • A consideration of the importance of contributing factors and the role of the MDT
  • Case-based work - interpreting assessment results and planning individual treatment packages for a range of clients
  • A theoretical understanding of management differences for dysphagia caused by a range of aetiologies and within a range of settings with examples of the clinical application
  • Discussion of more complex cases including tracheostomy, complex needs, ethics and end of life care

Entry criteria

  • A degree in Speech and Language Therapy and a minimum of six months as a Band 5 therapist. Clinical experience including implementing protocol - guided dysphagia assessments and treatment.
  • Observation of a minimum of 5 dysphagia cases being assessed.
  • Familiarity with local dysphagia policies and protocols.
  • Clinical practice mentor to have been identified within own service.

How to apply

Online application forms and guidance for application process

Key information

Module Category: SALT
Module Code: 5001
Module Credits: 15
Module Level: 7

Module leader

Samantha Littlefair:


3, 4, 5 July 2023 


6, 7 November 2023