Accountable Practitioner

The learner will be enabled to build upon their existing knowledge and skills surrounding accountability in nursing.

They will explore professional and inter-professional working relationships that support and contribute to accountability and be encouraged to recognise the ethical and legal issues which have implications for nursing practice and to identify strategies and appropriate action planning within clinical practice.

In addition to the fulfilment of a student’s personal learning outcomes, they will have the opportunity to explore how an appropriate practice environment can supports quality assurance and quality audit and they will be enabled to develop the key skills and activities to facilitate appropriate accountability through professional, organisational and health care governance frameworks.


How to apply

Online application forms and guidance for application process


Key information

Module Category: SPEC
Module Code: 5601
Module Credits: 15
Module Level: 7

Module leader

Donna Edwards


  • Thursday 09.00-13.00 in semester 1 starting October 2 for ten weeks