DMUsport opportunities

DMUsport delivers a wide range of opportunities to help students stay physically active and look after their mental health whilst studying at DMU.

We want everyone to feel they can get involved. You do not have to be a ‘sporty’ person, in fact thousands of students get involved every year, trying new activities, meeting new people, taking a break from studies and learning new sports.

Whether you’re a beginner, are looking for casual opportunities, would like a little competition, to join a club environment, or are interested in more serious sport including representing DMU, you can find an opportunity for you at DMU. Take a look at the below opportunities to find a match! 




DMUactive Badminton 2


 DMUactive is our recreational programme of sport and physical activity. With a wide range of activities on offer across the week, evenings and weekends, these student-led sessions are a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to meet new people, learn a new skill, have some fun or just blow off some steam. And the best bit? This programme is completely FREE!

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Twitter: @dmuactive
Instagram: dmu_active 

 Social Leagues

Social Sport2

 DMUsport run a number of social leagues in a range of sports just for DMU students. Our social leagues are fun and sociable with a competitive edge and are organised and delivered by students. You can either enter a group of friends, course mates or housemates as a team, or if you can’t find others to join you then we can find a team for you.

Find out more about the DMUactive leagues available


 Leadership and Volunteering in sport


DMUsport offers students numerous opportunities to volunteer in sport alongside your studies. Volunteering in sport is a fantastic opportunity, whether you’re looking for a new experience, to enhance your CV, or are interested in meeting other likeminded students. 

Without student volunteers, the sport and physical activity opportunities at DMU would not be the same.

Find out more about DMU leadership and volunteering opportunities


Sports clubs

Clubs 2


Whether you’re considering a new sport, want to continue regular training in your chosen sport, or are looking to represent DMU in competition, joining one or more of our sports clubs is a great starting point.

Our clubs pride themselves on being welcoming, friendly and sociable and would love to invite you along! With a comprehensive club training offer and access to strength and conditioning sessions, you can work with your team to keep active and improve your sporting ability. 

If competing is of interest to you, our sports clubs also provide opportunities in a range of different competitions and leagues locally and nationally. We ensure that there is an opportunity for those competing for the very first time, right up to experienced athletes.

See an A-Z list and details of the sports clubs available to you at DMU.

And… if we don’t have a club for your sport, we’d love to work with you to add this to our offer!