Institute of Creative Technologies publications

A list of selected research publications by IOCT researchers (for a complete list, select researcher names on our Members page and follow links) -


Chao, Jenifer (2022) The Visual Politics of Brand China: Exceptional History and Speculative Future. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, online first or for PDF

Harwood, T (2022). A commentary on Culture, Sustainability and Market Transformations, Markets, Globalization and Development Review, 7(2)

Harwood, T. (2022). Technologies for tourism, innovation and rural areas (tr. Spanish), in Crosby, A. (Ed.), Del Fracaso al Exito en la Nueva Era del Turismo Rural, Laertes

Kokil, U. and Harwood, T. (2022). The interplay between perceived usability and visual design quality in tablet game interfaces, Journal of Usability Studies, 17:3,

Harwood, T. and Grussi, B. (2021). Pioneers in Machinima: Grassroots of Virtual Production, Vernon Press

Harwood, T. (2020). Pandemic, human precarity and post-pandemic metaverses, Markets, Globalization and Development Review, 5(4):3,

Mukaetova-Ladinksa, E., Harwood, T., Maltby, J. (2020). Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare of older people, Archives of Psychiatry and Mental Health, 4: 7-13, DOI 10.29328/journal.apmh.1001011 

Garry, T. and Harwood, T. (2019). Cyborgs as Frontline Service Employees: A Research Agenda, Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 29(4): 415-437, DOI 10.1108/JSTP-11-2018-0241 

Harwood, T., Mukaetova-Ladinksa, E. and Maltby, J. (2019). Role of artificial intelligence (AI) art in the care of ageing society: focus on dementia, OBM Geriatrics, 3(3), doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.1903062 

Buhalis, D., Harwood, T., Bogicevic, V., Viglia, G., Beldona, S. and Hofacker, C. (2019). Technology Disruptions in Service Management and Value Co-Creation: Smart innovations emerging through the Tourism & Hospitality industries, Journal of Services Management, 30(4): 484-506, 

Harwood, T. (2019). Co-curating digital culture: hybrid practice of machinima, Leonardo, 52:2, DOI: 10.1162/LEON_a_01328 

Garry, T. and Harwood, T. (2019). Trust and its predictors within a cyber-physical system context, Journal of Services Marketing, 34(4): 407-423, DOI 10.1108/JSM-01-2018-0007 

Harwood, T., Garry, T. and Belk, R. (2019). Design Fiction Diegetic Prototyping: A Research Framework for Developing Service Innovation, Journal of Services Marketing, 34(1): 59-73, DOI 10.1108/JSM-11-2018-0339 

Smith, S. (2018). Dance Performance and Virtual Reality - an investigation of current practice and a suggested tool for analysis. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 14 (2), 199-214

Smith, S. (2018). Play in Practice - innovation through play in the postgraduate curriculum. In: James, A. (Ed) The Power of Play, London, Palgrave Macmillan

Smith, S. (2018). Pervasive Theatre: Post Screen Audiences and Professional Performance Practice, Journal of Media Practice.


A selected list of press and news articles featuring IOCT researchers -

New PhD students start research journey at DMU, mentions PhD researcher Shanique Thompson and Prof Tracy Harwood

Art AI Festival wins innovation prize, mentions Prof Tracy Harwood

DMU part of pioneering team to shape how audiences experience live performance, mentions Prof Sophy Smith

Award-winning festival is putting Leicester on the map, mentions Art AI Festival and Prof Tracy Harwood

Art AI Festival inspires new study that could help dementia patients… mentions Prof Tracy Harwood's work with creative AI

Fusion of art and science earns national award nomination for DMU professor, mentions Prof Sophy Smith

Gemma Fantacci and Paolo Ruffino in conversation with Tracy Harwood: DiGRA Italia Talks, mentions Prof Tracy Harwood

Robot designed to mimic owner's expressions will be available within five years for reasonable price, mentions Prof Tracy Harwood debate exploring the socio-cultural considerations for labelling, trust and certification of ICT products and services, mentions Prof Tracy Harwood

Leicester AI team seek volunteers for robot interaction, mentions Prof Tracy Harwood's work with creative AI

AI artist invited to show DU work to the world at Expo 2020, mentions Prof Tracy Harwood