AI artist invited to show DMU work to the world at Expo 2020

The artist behind one of Leicester’s most unusual exhibitions is set to discuss the role of artificial intelligence in creativity on the world’s biggest stage.

Professor Tracy Harwood is behind the ART-AI Festival, which each year for several weeks has spotlighted the collision of technology and art with innovative installations at cinemas, shopping centres and NHS clinics across Leicester.


Her expertise in the emerging area has led to her being invited to take part in the Expo 2020 festival, set to take place in Dubai over six months, starting in October.

DMU is playing a major role in the event, which will see countries all over the world present the very best science, technology, art, creativity and innovation they have.

As founding partner of the UK Pavilion – being run by the Department of International Trade – the university will have a permanent presence at the venue and is set to reveal its programme of speakers, research and other activities later this year.


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Professor Harwood has been invited to take part in a podcast during the event, discussing the future of creativity and the role AI could have in art over the course of the next few years.

She said: “I will be a keynote speaker on the future of creativity, where I hope to raise the profile of the possibilities presented by creative technologies, including machinima and artificial intelligence.

“I’m planning to reflect on some emergent practices in creative technologies, including developments in virtual and augmented experiences, game engine technologies used in machinima and virtual production and the roles of artificial intelligence.”

Professor Harwood’s involvement at Expo will also see her mounting an Art-AI exhibition, linking Dubai with Leicester.

The Art-AI festival begins in May this year, involving events across the city over a number of months. The Dubai link-up in October is set to be the culmination of the festival.

She said: “I will be showcasing the Art AI Festival with two co-located artworks by internationally known artists working in Leicester. I hope to connect people through artworks that will run simultaneously at the Expo and in Leicester as part of our annual festival of creative AI practices.

“For me, the Expo will be a source of inspiration for future generations as well as being a window on to some of the great opportunities and talent that the UK offers businesses.

“It will be a place where innovations being developed in the UK across a breadth of sectors will be showcased – I’m particularly excited to see our creative and cultural industries on the world’s stage.”

Posted on Wednesday 21st April 2021

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