Institute of Creative Technologies consultancy and commercial services

The IOCT runs a number of Knowledge Exchange initiatives relating to creative technologies practice:


DAPPER is a space where people working in all areas of digital performance can come together – practitioners, technologists, academics, organisations and all those in-between – to capture, share, discuss, experiment and develop work and ideas relating to digital art and performance. It is our contention that while many individuals work within their own specialist area or sector, innovation occurs when we have the opportunity to collaborate and cooperate with others. 

Digital art performance practices are emerging as a response to a fast moving technological landscape and as artists adapt to these new paradigms it is clear that digital practices are having a profound effect on the ways in which we make and understand our work. DAPPER aims to provide a space to focus on and interrogate the range of inter/transdisciplinary approaches specifically from the perspective of artistic process and practice. 

SIVE (Storytelling in Virtual Environments)

The SIVE initiative (Storytelling in Immersive Virtual Environments - Ideas and Opportunities for Future Practice) is a series of development events for practitioners, developers, technologists, researchers, businesses and organisations making work for Immersive Virtual Environments, focusing on the roles and practices, challenges and opportunities of storytelling within Immersive Virtual Environments.

To date, much research and development in the area of IVEs has been concerned with technological developments – this initiative moves this forward, to share and develop practice and challenges relating storytelling and the participant experience – how does narrative ‘work’ in immersive and interactive virtual environments and how do audiences engage with and experience that narrative and the over-arching idea of storytelling within the digital domain? What can we learn from how people in other sectors are making work for IVEs?

This is a cross-sector event, bringing together key practitioners and organisations engaging with storytelling in immersive virtual environments from entertainment, corporate and creative sectors.