Institute of Creative Technologies postgraduate and research study options

The IOCT boasts a vibrant postgraduate community, across both taught (MA) and research (MPhil/PhD) programmes.  To enquire about any of our programme, contact Sophy Smith,

Practice-based Research Doctoral Study

In the contemporary creative technologies research environment, which crosses multiple disciplines, text alone does not adequately describe what we do as researchers in dance, design, drama, fine art, music, information technology, performing arts and photography. 

Practice-based study involves a broad category of research that includes designing or making objects, the staging of performances or events and the documentation of artefacts. The definition of an artefact is broad, ranging from a physical entity, such as a painting or telephone, to an abstract entity, such as a novel or a computer program, to a transient entity such as a performance. 

Through Practice-Based Research doctoral study at the IOCT, you will have an opportunity to learn from world leading experts in practice-based research through our tailored seminar series and tutorials designed to meet your needs at different stages of progress in your studies.

CTx: Creative Technologies’ Innovation through Doctoral Practice

CTx is a doctoral programme focussing on Creative Technologies’ Innovation through Doctoral Practice.   CTx approaches a PhD investigation using a principled, systematic modular approach. This involves designing and implementing a series of sub-projects that identify key research questions within each project, and are time bound with strategic objectives, milestones and deliverables.

The benefit of this approach is that key outcomes and new knowledge can be evaluated at key points in the development of the research, which in turn are prioritised for further examination in following phases. 

The programme includes a practice based research training programme through workshops and seminars as well as an intensive student-led residential, where each researcher presents findings from across the range research activities, providing supportive community environment further strengthening the collegiate environment of critical and systematic study.


For information regarding postgraduate research contact Professor Sophy Smith,