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Annual Data Reports

A key objective of the DMU EDI strategy is to remove diversity related gaps in outcomes and representation. We consider detailed evidence to assist identify where our work should be placed to achieve this. Download our data for the last six years.

For information on our student data, please see our Office for Students Access agreement report.

DMU and the Pay Gap (gender and race)

De Montfort University (DMU) has one of the most diverse staff and student populations of any HE institution in the UK – we are hugely proud of this, and equality for all is one of the cross-cutting themes of our Empowering University strategy. Our mission is to discover gateways of opportunity that empower students, staff and our community to create a fairer society, and empowering people is one of the four key pillars of our strategy. Championing diversity is at the heart of this – having a nurturing community which is inclusive, dynamic and draws on our diversity to challenge the status quo and to drive change. For us, aiming to have no pay or awarding gaps is a critical success factor for achieving this, and reflects our firm commitment to ensuring equitable opportunities and improving outcomes for all our staff and students.

This summary, which outlines the current gender pay gap (GPG) at DMU, is a testament to our continued efforts to reduce the GPG. We are determined to continue to take proactive measures to further narrow this gap in future years, placing equality, diversity and inclusion at the front and centre of everything we do.

A couple of years ago we also took the decision to publish our race pay gap (RPG). We have again published this information, given that transparency is key as we continue to takes steps to decolonise DMU and to become an anti-racist university. This year’s data shows our lowest RPG since we began reporting it, and it is rewarding to see our efforts starting to have an impact. However, as with the GPG, we know that we need to continue to take action to address the gap further.

Professor Katie Normington, Vice-Chancellor, De Montfort University


View more information on DMU’s gender and race pay gaps, and work we are undertaking to address this.