Digital Transformation

DMU Digital Transformation will create a seamless digital experience that adds value for our students and staff.

Digital innovation

  • Digital transformationWe will engage with students on devices and platforms that they use to simplify access to the university’s digital services.
  • We will improve DMU business processes by automating tasks and creating streamlined workflows. This will enhance face-to-face service delivery, self-service transactions and enable users to move seamlessly between modes.
  • DMU Digital Transformation will allow the university to streamline processes and data collection, leading to better predictions, resulting in proactive interventions for welfare and retention.

Culture of change

  • Digital transformation will start with the Education 2030 programme and will set out a roadmap based on the requirements needed to deliver across the university strategy.

  • We will create communities to support change and enhance colleagues’ and students’ experiences by growing the network with like-minded individuals.

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