Learning for life


Our aim is to provide flexible, high-quality education that enables under-represented groups to participate in higher education. 



  • We proudly have one of the most diverse international student bodies of any university in the UK but we’re still committed to creating a more inclusive university by tackling important skills gaps through initiatives such as our sector-leading Decolonising DMU programme.

Flexible learning

  • We will ensure that flexible learning for all is at the heart of our academic offerings, driven by our innovative Education 2030 transformation programme.

  • All academic programmes will incorporate embedded employability, sustainability, entrepreneurial, and life skills, including wellbeing.


Creative approaches to learning delivery

  • We have a history of providing distance learning qualifications as a flexible way to study at your own pace and ambitious Higher and Degree Apprenticeship programmes to enable students to combine work and study. 

  • We will establish a new partnership model, working with employers as a strategic hub at a regional and national level, enabling students to build up additional skills to add to their arsenal.

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