Equality for all

DMU has one of the most diverse staff and student populations of any higher education institution in the UK. We value this difference and want to support all students and staff in reaching their full potential in an environment where difference is accepted, valued, celebrated and supported. Discover how the university is ensuring diversity, equality and inclusion are embedded into our culture.

Partnerships with purposeCulture

  • We will build an understanding of the reasons behind unequal outcomes, and equip staff with the tools and knowledge to address any disparities in experience, representation and outcome.

  • By identifying, developing and supporting talent, we will strive to ensure that our staff at all levels reflects the diversity of our students.

  • Discrimination and harassment will not be accepted, and we will develop safe and secure methods for staff concerns to be raised and resolved.

Enabling equity and fairness for all

Equality for all will support the delivery of this strategy by enabling the four pillars to:

  • Create equitable opportunities to succeed by significantly reducing differentials between groups in continuation, attainment and progression.

  • Ensure diversity of researchers is sought and that research informs approaches to inclusion and equity - both nationally and globally.

  • Ensure dignity and respect are embedded in the DNA of the university and expect that the behaviour of our staff and students reflects this.

  • Work towards enabling diversity to be present at all levels in our decision-making processes.


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