Financial strength

The growth and diversification of our income and the efficient use of our resources will provide the financial sustainability to invest in the educational experience at DMU.

Financial strengthGrow and diversify

  • Income diversification provides an opportunity for potential growth and spreads the risk across a larger number of income streams. 

  • By exploring possibilities in the UK and overseas, we can re-imagine and enhance our commercial outlook. Developing strong new partnerships is essential as we build our brand identity, grow our funding sources and explore new opportunities such as apprenticeships and Trans-National Education (TNE).


  • We must ensure that we have a continual focus on efficiency and value for money at all levels of our operation. This will include taking advantage of cultural and technological advances, which offer new opportunities to deliver greater value.

  • Our Delivering Business Sustainability programme will complement our Education 2030 initiative by embracing transformative ways of working.


  • The enhancement of our assets, staffing, technology and buildings, alongside investment in innovative partnerships and student-facing services will be one of our key financial aims.

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