Empowering people

Education has the power to transform lives. We will create an environment in which our students and staff can flourish, enabling them to discover their potential.

Delivering an engaging experience

  • Empowering peopleWe will use an evidence-based approach to allow staff to make informed decisions and build a strong student experience.

  • Through ‘DMU Engage’ we will create a space to interact with and involve more students, giving them a platform to let their voices be heard, and shape their experience at DMU.

  • We will support students and staff wellbeing by creating a place where our people feel physically and psychologically safe.


Championing diversity

  • We will create an ‘equality equation’ by valuing our differences to build a rich, diverse culture that champions both experience and togetherness.

  • We will celebrate our diversity by reviewing our processes to achieve a university where fair and merit-based decisions will be the norm.

Campus Collectives

  • We will create a hub where knowledge is freely exchanged and developed; where we research, explore, develop, share, teach and inform changes in practice, in our community and society.

  • More learning opportunities will be provided for staff, developing their capabilities and helping them to reach their potential.
  • DMU has recently launched a new employee benefits platform from VIVUP which provides staff discounts on products and services from leading brands.

We will continue to empower staff and students through our implementation plan

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