Spiritual support

At DMU, we highly value spiritual support on campus and recognise that it is a great tool for coping with many of life’s challenges. Spirituality is an integral part of wellbeing for many students at DMU and as part of #HealthyDMU we want to ensure that our spiritual services empower you and enrich your student experience. We’re here if you need some time out in a peaceful space, or if you want somewhere you can go to pray and reflect. Our spaces include the Breathing Space, Sharing Space, Christian chapel and Muslim prayer room. All students and staff are welcome to use the spaces and attend the various sessions. 


OpenFaith is a part of #HealthyDMU that incorporates faith and spirituality within our wellbeing and welfare services. OpenFaith encourages students of all faiths and no-faith to come together in celebrating diversity and universal humanitarian values. The initiative encourages campus cohesion by welcoming all students and staff of all faiths and no faith to access a variety of spiritual facilities including the prayer room, chaplaincy and breathing space. 

This DMU initiative is open to all regardless of belief and encourages staff and students to be able to explore spirituality, faith, religion and all belief systems in an open and accessible way. As part of #HealthyDMU all OpenFaith related activities focus on the health and wellbeing of students as well as supporting growth and personal development. 

To find out more about OpenFaith or to see how you can get involved, email our Student Cohesion Officer Mej Rahim at mehjabeen.rahim@dmu.ac.uk or call 0116 250 6431.


Look out for our ongoing schedule of events taking place in the Breathing Space and the Sharing Space by searching "#HealthyDMU" on MyGateway.


How to find us

Accessible via the entrance off Newarke Close. 
Our Sharing Space is open with space to relax, make yourself a tea or a coffee, and take a breather. Our Chapel, Prayer Room and Breathing Space are  also available for prayer, worship and reflection. We’re open every weekday from 8.30am to 8.30pm – drop by and say hello!

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