Spiritual support

 At DMU, we highly value spiritual support on campus and recognise that it is a great tool for coping with many of life’s challenges. Spirituality is an integral part of life for many students at DMU and is recognised as part of HealthyDMU, our whole university approach to wellbeing.


OpenFaith encourages students of all faiths and no-faith to come together in celebrating diversity and universal humanitarian values. The initiative encourages campus cohesion by welcoming all students and staff of all faiths and no faith to access a variety of spiritual facilities and events.

To find out more about OpenFaith, email healthyDMU@dmu.ac.uk.

Book a space

Our spaces are available to book for activities both faith related and non-faith related. 

Students can book our spaces online; for staff bookings, please contact healthydmu@dmu.ac.uk