Multifaith prayer spaces

Our multifaith prayer spaces are available for student and staff booking. Students can book a space online; for staff bookings, please email

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Sharing Space


A friendly bookable space that is open to all and designed to boost positivity and reduce stress. The Sharing Space is open to students from 8.30am to 8pm, with a maximum capacity of 45. This space has previously hosted lunch clubs, society meetings and small fairs, and is equipped with a sink, fridge and hot & cold water available to refill your reusable bottle or mug. 

Breathing Space


A calm space, used for wellbeing events such as Healthy DMU masterclasses, mindfulness sessions, as well as OpenFaith activities where all are welcome to discover and practice spirituality. With a max capacity of 30, tables and chairs are available if needed and a projector allows media to be shown on the far wall via the PC. 


chapel-fullA space open to all who need a quiet space to reflect or say a prayer. Maximum capacity is 30.