Mental health support

We want to ensure that all students have a positive experience at DMU. It's important to us that you ask for advice and support as early as possible with any issues you might be facing in order to reduce the possible impact on your mental health.

The Mental Health Team support students with existing mental health conditions in addition to offering advice and support on the following:

  • Assessment of whether practical adjustments could be made to  teaching, coursework hand-in times or exams, to reduce the impact that a mental health condition has on the your studies at university
  • Support when discussing needs to teaching staff, should this be required
  • Helping you understand, support and apply for Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA)
  • Practical goal setting and suggestions of how to address certain issues you may be experiencing
  • Support accessing local statutory services such as the NHS
  • Signposting to agencies who are able to support students with alcohol and substance use issues
  • Signposting to counselling services

To access support please email or book a Single Point of Access (SPA) appointment via MyGateway.

Visit the Healthy DMU Hub for health and wellbeing tips; stay up to date with Healthy DMU's events and activities via the Healthy DMU calendar.

  1. Disclosing a mental health condition

    We strongly recommend that you inform DMU if you have any existing mental health conditions; this will enable DMU to make you aware of the support you are entitled to. If you have medical evidence to support your condition, it is advisable to provide DMU with a copy so you can access further support that you may be entitled to.

    To disclose a mental health condition, email with as much information as you are comfortable with sharing, and a copy of your medical evidence if you have it.

    Following the re-opening of the DMU campus, there is option to drop medical evidence off at Gateway House Reception. Please mark envelopes with "For Attention Of The Wellbeing Team" and include a signed copy of the consent form. This will allow us to liaise with other departments at DMU and provide the support required to meet your needs.

    Read about the Data Protection Law that DMU adheres to when handling your information here.

  2. Contacting the Mental Health team

    To ensure that we direct you to the appropriate service you must first book a Single Point of Access Appointment (SPA) where your needs will be assessed. These appointments can be booked via MyGateway.

    If you have already been working with one of the teams mentioned then please contact them in the first instance, follow the link on team name to email them.

    What is a Single Point of Access Appointment (SPA)?

    • A 45 minute appointment
    • An opportunity to discuss your situation with a member of support staff
    • You will be offered advice on the day and referral to a member of the wellbeing team
    • At the end of the appointment, you will be given an action plan of what to do next
    • These appointments are available via Microsoft Teams or face-to-face to suit your needs

    Find us on Twitter @DMUwellbeing for tips and info on a range of mental health and wellbeing issues.

  3. Disabled Students' Allowance

    Lots of people do not consider their mental health a disability and will often not apply for the support that is available to them.

    DSA, or Disabled Student’s Allowance, is a Government support package that covers a wide range of conditions and is often overlooked by many students because of its title. There are many positives to having this DSA support in place and it can provide financial aid in many different ways.

    You could be eligible to apply for DSA if you have a:

    • Mental health condition; such as OCD, Anxiety or Depression
    • Long-term health condition; including Crohns, Sickle Cell and Multiple Sclerosis.
    • Specific learning difficulty like Dyslexia
    • Neurodivergent conditions; including Autism

  4. Tellmi

    Our DMU students can now access a new service called Tellmi. Tellmi provides free digital mental health support, 365 days a year to anyone aged 11+ across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

    Tellmi is a safe, anonymous app where you can talk to people your age who get what you are going through or join conversations that matter to you. If you need professional support, their in-house counsellors are available 365 days a year.

    Find out more and download the Tellmi app



You can also find us on X @DMUwellbeing for tips and info on a range of mental health and wellbeing issues.