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Shape Our Future

We started a discussion on a new strategy for DMU to ensure we can stay strong, move forward, remain relevant, and continue meeting people's real needs in the decades ahead. Following a thorough strategy consultation process involving staff, students, governors, external stakeholders and experts, DMU’s Board of Governors have approved a ‘strategy on a page’. Read our ‘strategy on a page’ and about how this will support further work to develop our plans and supporting strategies. You can also read about the Shape Our Future strategy consultation below.

The Empowering University

Read our strategy on a page

Introduction to the consultation

Vice-Chancellor Professor Katie Normington explains why this is the right time to refresh our strategic direction, and how you can support us in developing our vision and strategy for the future of DMU.

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It is valuable enough to improve the lives of the students in your university and the people in your surrounding community. That won’t always be transformational, but it’s important in itself, and it will be crucial for universities to continue to demonstrate that stage by stage improvement as participation rates continue to grow.

Chris Millward, Director for Fair Access and Participation, Office for Students

Introduction to our strategy consultation

In the four tiles below, Vice-Chancellor Professor Katie Normington introduces our approach to building a new strategy for DMU.

DMU’s contribution to the diverse East Midlands will remain crucial to the area’s economy as well as wider society. The national commitments to increase research and development spending should also give DMU an opportunity to continue improving the quality and extent of its research, helping to bolster the UK’s future success.

Nick Hillman, Director of the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI)

Shaping our future

Read more about the wider landscape in which we will create our strategy, including insights from prominent figures at the forefront of policy and strategy in higher education.

DMU’s focus on employability could be an important strength in its international performance, especially if you consider how international graduates might make the transition to the UK labour market, and how UK graduates might take advantage of international employment opportunities.

Vivienne Stern, Director of Universities UK International (UUKi)

It’s time to explore the big picture

To help focus ideas on the future direction of DMU, we  made four video introductions  - one short video for each of the four main themes of the strategy consultation:

1. Our Future Learning
2. Our Students
3. Our Focus
4. Our Impact

Guided by strong values

As part of our development of the new strategy we initiated work on our values. Our current values are already in place at DMU: they lie at the heart of our identity; they are true, endemic and rooted in history. They are part of our DNA and define what we stand for as a community at DMU. But we wanted to understand views on what our values are and what they should be in the future.