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Our transformational journey

Shape our future consultation

The conversations that started during the Vice-Chancellor’s introductory listening sessions covered a lot of ground but were framed by a backdrop that the world, communities, and people’s needs and expectations have changed - and that has been accelerated by the pandemic.

As an institution with a global outlook and a commitment to educating, encouraging and supporting talent from diverse backgrounds, in the way we have for more than 150 years, we should be prepared to respond, and be courageous enough to think about change, too.

As our discussion around strategy now begins to widen, it is right that we’re still asking questions. The Vice-Chancellor’s own understanding and urge to lead this development grew from the key questions she posed during those listening sessions to those who know and love DMU best: what are our ambitions for the next three to five years? What should we be known for?

The hope is that by drawing on deep, thoughtful consultation across campus and with friends and allies beyond, the new strategy should provide a clearer sense of direction we can apply in every aspect of DMU work and life, and so create fresh definitions of our mission, vision and values. In its most basic mode, it will inform decision making, the allocation of financial resources, and the recruitment of students and staff.


But the process is designed and able to go beyond that, and respond to ideas and concerns found anywhere between our new direction of travel and these fundamental tenets – that is its strength. By making changes within our community together, and which help us engage with the wider world, the transformative journey we’re taking together from today should be smooth, incremental and inclusive, above all. Our shared thoughts, feelings and aspirations for ourselves and others should take us somewhere new, but bring us back home – to DMU, but an even better DMU.

We start by understanding today that, to remain effective and relevant tomorrow, we need to explore these changes and ways forward now; and we start with simple steps: by talking, listening and sharing. Change will work best for us only if each of us takes our opportunity to speak up, and to shape and influence something so important to us.

We need a new strategy now because we’ve all seen that – when we don’t prepare for change – change can limit and control us. By thinking ahead, together we can start defining DMU’s future direction in teaching and learning, and its wider purpose in the world. 

This represents a great opportunity to strengthen a great university, and it begins with you.