James Andean

Electroacoustic composition; improvisation; musical narrative

Simon Atkinson Dr Simon Atkinson
Composition; contemporary music; electroacoustic music;
musical signification
Batchelor2022-80x Dr Peter Batchelor
Composition; sound in space; installation practice;
public art
Bret Battey Prof Bret Battey
Composition; image and sound integration; algorithmic tech-
niques; expressive synthesis; Indian classical music; gesture
Leigh Landy

Prof Leigh Landy, Director
Composition (especially cross-arts); electroacoustic music
studies; devising practices; dramaturgy; access to and
facilitating the making of conteporary music

John Young Prof John Young
Composition (electroacoustic and instrumental);
environmental sounds and sound recognition;
aesthetics of digital sound transformation

Associate Staff

Robert Weale Dr Robert Weale (Enhanced Learning through Technology)
Electroacoustic music studies; composition; the listening
experience; dramaturgy; access; widening participation;

Distinguished Former Colleagues


Kevin Dahan


Sven-Amin Lembke

John Richards

John Richards


Anna Xambó


Simon Emmerson Prof Simon Emmerson
Electroacoustic and live electronic music:
composition, theory and analysis;
interaction of world traditions;
influence of technology on music

Postdoctoral Fellows

couprie-80x100 Dr Pierre Couprie
Composition and improvisation; electroacoustic music studies;
pedagogy; software and multimedia development.

Associated Researchers

Marc Battier Prof Marc Battier (Emeritus Professor Université
Sorbonne; Professor Shenzhen University)

Composition; electroacoustic music (history, organology,
relationwith other art forms, sound technology in literature);
East Asian elec. music; Japanese studies
Kerry Francksen Kerry Francksen-Kelly (Independent Scholar)
Dance and Digital Media
Andrew Hugill Prof Andrew Hugill  (University of Leicester)

 Technical Staff


Harry Pentony

Past Honorary Scholars

Richard Orton Richard Orton, Honorary Research Fellow †
Composition, instrumental and electroacoustic; software
supporting composition; algorithmic processes
Howard Skempton Prof Howard Skempton, Honorary Professor
Composer, accordionist, experimentalist

Past Visiting Professors

Robert Normandeau Prof Robert Normandeau
Electroacoustic composition     
Barry Truax Prof Barry Truax
Electroacoustic composer and acoustic communications researcher

Past Visiting Researchers

celik-80x100 Dr Serdar Çelik (Cumhuriyet University, 
Music Technology Department) 

MIDI software development; microtonality; sound design. 




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