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Doctor of Philosophy

Asher Arnon – 2021
Visual Music Strategies and the Sense of Place

Francisco Marti Pérez – 2020
Multichannel Audiovisual Composition Using Audiovisual Sampling, Synchronous Granular Synthesis and Psuedorandom Number Generator Algorithms 

Takuro Lippit – 2020
Listening with Hands: The Instrumental Impulse and Invisible Transformation in Turntablism

Steve Jones – 2020
Towards a Practitioner Model of Mobile Music

James Kelly – 2019
Playing the Record Lathe: Vinyl Record Cutter as Musical Instrument  

Robin Parmar - 2019
Platial Phenomenology and Environmental Composition 

Amit Patel - 2019
Studio Bench: the DIY Nomad and Noise Selector

Simon Waite - 2019
Networks of Liveness in Singer-Songwriting: A practice-based enquiry into developing audio-visual interactive systems and creative strategies for composition and performance 

Maya Verlaak - 2019 
[M3C DTP Scholar based at Birmigham Conservatory]
Embodying Context During the Music Compositional Process…

Virginie Viel - 2019
Multi-form Visualisation: An Approach to Acousmatic Composition

Louise Rossiter - 2017
A Practical Investigation of Expectation in Acousmatic Music 

Kerry Francksen-Kelly - 2017
Intimate Bodies and Technologies: A Concept for ‘Live-digital’ Dancing 

Manolis Manousakis - 2017
Cross-arts Production Methods Using Collectives 

David Holland - 2016
Developing Heightened Listening: A Creative Tool for Introducing Primary School Children to Sound-based Music

Neal Spowage - 2016
Physical Interaction with Electronic Instruments in Devised Performance 

Marinos Koutsomichalis - 2015
A Hypermedia and Project-based Approach to Music, Sound and Media Art 

Luca Forcucci - 2015
Mapping Dynamic Relations in Sound and Space Perception

Panos Amelides - 2015
Acousmatic Storytelling: A Compositional Approach

Ben Ramsay - 2015
Exploring Compositional Relationships between Acousmatic Music and Electronica 

Michael Gatt - 2015
Tools for Understanding Electroacoustic Music

David Gray - 2014
The Visualisation and Representation of Electroacoustic Music

Nasia Therapontos - 2013
Evolving Music Education in the Digital Age: Sound-Based Music in Public Schools of Cyprus

Jerry Fishenden - 2013 - via the Institute of Creative Technologies
Interactive Digital Technologies and the User Experience of Time and Place

Andrew Hill - 2012
Interpreting Electroacoustic Audio-Visual Music

Motje Wolf - 2012
The Appreciation of Electroacoustic Music - An Empirical Study with Inexperienced Listeners

Katerina Tzedaki - 2012
Into the Sounding Environment: A Compositional Approach

Ian Wilcock - 2012 - via the Institute of Creative Technologies
Multimedia and Live Performance

Lorenzo Picinali - 2010
The Creation of a Binaural Spatialization Tool

Robin McGinley - 2009
Breaking the Sound Barrier: Explorations in Experimental SoundArt, Soundscape Research and Interactive Systems

Ximena Alarcon - 2007
An Interactive Sonic Environment Based on Commuters' Memory of Soundscape: A Case Study of the London Underground

Rick Nance - 2007
Compositional Explorations of Plastic Sound

Richard Hemmings - 2005
Unpredictable popular music: history, praxis, perception : cryptography, serialism, pseudorandom generation, chance, improvisation and infinite monkeys

Sophy Smith - 2005
The compositional processes of UK hip-hop turntable teams
W: DMU staff page

Robert Weale - 2005
The intention/reception project : investigating the relationship between composer intention and listener response in electroacoustic compositions 

Master of Philosophy

Jack Richardson – 2020
Sounding Futures: Perception & Experience in Contemporary Music Education

Masters by Research in Music, Technology and Innovation

Rob Chafer – 2021
Time–Event–Space: A Creative Exploration of Techniques in Multichannel Audio-visual Composition

Calum Vaughan – 2020
Semi Real-time Use of Markov Chains in Algorithmic Electronic Dance Music Performance

Sam Warren – 2019
Relationships Between Electronic Music and Movement Practice

Samantha Topley – 2017
Wearable Technology in Music and Performance 

Simon Smith – 2016
Re-creating Diffusion Performance Practices from an Exploration of Listening(s) Experiences

David Gurney – 2016
Considerations and Practice of Creating and Implementing Effective Game Sound Design

Chloe Cutler – 2013
Enhanced Learning with an Innovative Instrument in KS2 Music Education

Annelie Nederberg – 2012
Notions of Corporeality in Electroacoustic Music

David Holland - 2012
Can a listening strategy be used to increase the appreciation of Electroacoustic Music

Masters in Music, Technology and Innovation

Sean Carroll - 2009
Mapping Gestural Motion in Dance to Algorithmic Composition

Nilesh Champaneri - 2008
Composition Using Sampling Methods

Robin Foster - 2009
Live Performance and Improvisation in Electronic and Computer Music

Michael Gatt - 2009
The Art of Composing Site-Specific Sonic Installations

Paul Jones - 2009
Algorithmic composition, Instrument Design and Gestural Mapping to Sound

Jeff Mettlewsky - 2009
Mixed Instrumental and Electronics Composition, Aesthetics

Tasha Roberts - 2009
The Use of Noise in Electronic Music: The Ideas in Glitch

Nasia Therapontos - 2009
Spatialization of music in electroacoustic and sonic art works

Artur Walaszczyk - 2009
Sound design; electroacoustic music - reception and interpretation; soundscape and acousmatic multichannel composition

Andrew Hill - 2008
Composing the Metaphor: Investigating Suitable Strategies for the Composition of Electroacoustic Audio-visual Artworks

James Kelly - 2008
'Technology Hacking': DJ Technology and Appropriation

Amit Patel - 2008
Turntable Performance And Sound Diffusion

Neal Spowage - 2008
Marrying the Dynamics of Performance and Live Electronic Music Production

Masters by Independent Study

Tony Seaton - 2014
Radiophonic: The music of Delia Derbyshire; Pedagogic: Understanding electroacoustic music at A Level

Gary Blakemore - 2012
The Sonic 'Germ': A Compositional Investigation

Mark Herdman - 2012
The Preserving Machine: Is it Possible to Hear a Novel?

Adam Newman - 2010
On The Auditory Road - An audio adaptaptation of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road"

Gez McCoy - 2010
Spatialisation, live electronics and the multi-pickup electric guitar

Russel Michael Harmon - 2008
The Integration of Guitar Performance and Live Electronics: the Circuit Bent Guitar

Bec Gorman - 2008
Composition for Film and Animation

Robbie Lockwood - 2008
Electroacoustic Composition

Chris Cousin - 2008
Electronic Music Composition and Performance

Ioanna Pappa - 2007
Performance Studies and Education

Shammi Pithia - 2007
Pitch Perception and Human Emotion, Its Relevance in Classical Indian Music and its Application in Film Music

Alexis Ffrench - 2007
New Opportunities in Music Technology from a Pedagogical and Musician's Point of View

Serena Alexander - 2007
Composing For The Voice With Electronics And Sound Diffusion

Roger Barker - 2008
Postmodern Popular Composition and The Mix As An Artform

Philip Mead - 2008
Composition for Piano and Electronics

Matthew Moore - 2008
Exploring and Extending the Aesthetic and Technological Boundaries of the Talking Book

Thom Corah - 2008
LabTop: An Instrument for the Integration of Live Electronics into Composed Music

Dimitris Moraitis - 2008
Exploring the Use of the Human Voice and Text

Peter Wilkinson - 2008
PLASMA (Progressive, Living And Synthetic Musical Apparatus)