Research Students

Doctor of Philosophy

andersonS 80x

Sol Anderson

The Act of Listening, Objects and Noise

catena 80x

Stefano Catena [M4C DTP with U. Birmingham]

The Language of Music in Space: A Study of
Listeners' Perception to Develop a New
Vocabulary of Sound Movement


Robert Chafer [M4C DTP]

Creative Frameworks for Future Practice:
Cross-Synthesis of Mixed-Reality and
Audiovisual Composition


Eddie Clijsen

Practical Explorations of Formalised
Approaches to Microtonal Composition


Chris Cousin

In Search of that Perfect Wave: The Quest for
Complex Control Voltages

davidsonR 80x

Ross Davidson [M4C DTP]

Applying an Electroacoustic Approach to the
Soundtrack of Narrative Film

Gualtieri - 80x

Sebastiano Gualtieri

Balancing Images and Sounds in Generative
Audio-visual Art


Katie-Jane Howard

Audience Perception of Digital Music Instruments
in Live Musical Performance


Eva Kára

Writing the Political: Electroacoustic Music
Composition as Ideology


Christina Palandri

Sam Topley

Samantha Topley  [M3C DTP]

Craft-Focused Electronic Instrument Building


Stewart Worthy

An Investigation of Hidden Qualities within
Sound-based Installation Art 

Mungo Zhangruibo

Mungo Zhangruibo

Assisting the Development of the Field of EA
Music Studies in China 

Masters by Research (MA or MSc)

Parker 80x

Kris Parker

Exploring the Potential and Means for Making
Original Electronic Music to Enrich our Experience
of Historical Silent Film


Matt Rogerson

Sensory Overload: Noise, Mind, Emotion 



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