The MTI Research Lab

The MTI Research Lab (MTIRL) is the premiere facility of the MTI Research Centre. The 1670 square-foot facility in the Clephan Building was established in 2004 through a £550,000 SRIF2 (Science Research Infrastructure) grant from HEFCE, and has been continually upgraded to meet the developing needs of our researchers.

Diffusion Lab 

Diffusion Room

 Audiovisual Lab

Audiovisual Lab

Sound Art Lab 

Sound Art Lab Workstations 

Additional Resources

Continuum Fingerboard      

Performing Arts Centre for Excellence (PACE)

interactive dance project in PACE2 The PACE building is the home of a designated UK Centre for Excellence, providing exceptional performance facilities for dance, music, and drama. This includes PACE Studio 1, a 16m x 16m acoustically balanced performance space with a built-in surround and diffusion audio system. More information on MTI's setup in PACE Studios 1 and 1a is available here

Shared Undergrad/Postgrad MTI Facilities

project studio Both undergraduate and postgraduate research and teaching are served by the Courtyard Studio, a professional-grade recording studio, stereo and surround composition studios, workstations, and more.



Creative Technology Studios

CTS studio with mixing board The Creative Technology Studios (CTS) in the Queens Building provides industry-standard audio and radio production suites, including two fully-equipped recording studios featuring high-end analogue and digital recording systems and surround sound monitoring, Foley and voice-over studios, and broadcast-standard radio production studios with professional playout and management systems.


Phoenix Square Film and Digital Media Centre

DMU is a partner in Leicester's Phoenix Square Film and Digital Media Centre. The DMU Cube installation space has been the site of audiovisual installations and events in association with the MTIRC. We have also hosted live electronic music performances in the Screen Lounge and Cafe. Our annual Visible Bits Audible Bytes audivisual screening and performance is held in one of Pheonix's full-scale digital projection cinemas. Phoenix Square was also the site of the 2012 M4_u Max/MSP Convention.

Phoenix Square DMU Cube Showing of cMatrix12    Bret Battey's cMatrix12 installation at the Grand Opening of Phoenix Square 
Phoenix Square Screen Lounge Performance Steve Gibson / Exploding, Plastic, Inevitable in the Phoenix Screen Lounge

Below: installation by Hear This Space at the DMU Cube. Photos courtesy Stu Smith

Phoenix Square DMU Cube Hear-This-Space Setup

Phoenix Square DMU Cube Hear-This-Space Complete