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Finance and Banking Research Centre members

Names of staff with an IIRP who have this institute/centre as their primary affiliation:

Professor Agyenim Boateng,  Professor in Finance & Director, Finance and Banking Research Centre

T: +44(0)116 207 8260

Research interests: corporate finance; corporate governance; Corporate risk-taking and performance; banking and sustainability

Dr Albert Danso, Associate Professor & Deputy Director, Finance and Banking Research Centre

T: +44 (0)116 250 6117

Research interests: Corporate finance, corporate governance, banking, Corporate sustainability and stakeholder engagement

 Dr Anna Min Du, Senior Lecturer & Deputy Director, Finance and Banking Research Centre

T: +44 (0)116 257 7211


Research Interests: Corporate finance, financing strategies & investments by emerging market multinational companies, firm governance; performance

Dr Frank Kwabi, Associate Professor & Institute Head of Research Students (FiBRe)

T: +44 (0)116 250 3862

Research interests: inside trading laws; cost of capital; international investment flow; investor protection and stock market development.

Academic Members

Dr Sudesh Sangray, Senior Lecturer

T: 0116 257 7687

Research interests: wealth creation, market efficiency, Indian business, Indian management

Fred Mear, Associate Professor

T: +44 (0)116 255 1551 ext 6814

Research interests: aid effectiveness; public financial management and reform, IPSAS, SDG 16 (16.4-16.6) Strengthening Institutions

Dr Vitor Leone, Associate Professor in Banking and Finance

T: +44 (0)116 250 6463

Research interests: applied econometrics, financial economics, mergers and acquisitions, public policy

Dr Frederick S. Ahiabor, Lecturer in Finance

T: +44 (0)116 257 8050

Research interests: infrastructure and project finance, banking, corporate finance, financial economics.

Dr Neil Lancastle, Senior Lecturer

T: +44 (0)116 250 6053

Research interests: foreign exchange markets; stock-flow consistent economics; liquidity; money and banking.

Dr. Ezeani, Ernest, Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

T: +44 (0116) 366 4575


Research interests: Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance

Dr. Rachel English, Senior Lecturer

T: +44 (0)116 255 1551

Dr Gregory James, Reader in Banking and Finance

T: +44 (0)116 250 6202

Research interests: banking, corporate finance, infrastructure finance, financial economics

Dr Qinye Lu, Senior Lecturer

T: +44 (0)116 257 7855

Research interests: asset pricing, financial econometrics, portfolio management, international finance.

Katarzyna Jaskowiec, Senior Lecturer

T: +44 (0)116 250 6526

Research interests: corporate governance

Dr Bola Babajide, Senior Lecturer

T: +44 (0)116 257 7020

Research interests: corporate finance, hedging, liquidity and asset pricing

Dr Tingting Zhu, Senior Lecturer in Finance

T: +44 (0)116 207 8896

Research interests: corporate finance, banking, financial regulation, behavioural finance

Dr Samuel Owusu-Agyei, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

T: +44(0)116 207 8453

Research interests: charity/small business accounting, entrepreneurship

Dr. Nguyen, Linh Hoang Senior Lecturer

T: 0116 257 7220


Research interests: asset pricing, risk modelling, portfolio optimisation and management, computational finance, network analysis, machine learning.

Dr. Samar Gad,  Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

T: +44 (0)116 201 3911


Dr. Lartey, Theophilus, Lecturer in Finance

T: 0116 366 4628 (ext. 4628)


Research Interests: Corporate finance, corporate sustainability, corporate governance and banking

Dr. Victor Atiase, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

T: 0116 366 4573


Dr. Saleh, Nashwa, Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

T: 0116 366 4465


Dr Samuel Salia, Senior Lecturer in Finance



Research Interests: diaspora finance, entrepreneurial finance, green finance and financial market development.

Dr. Rawinder Kaur, Lecturer in Finance

T: +44 (0)116 257 4627


Research Interests: Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Social and Environmental Accounting

Dr. Eric Ofosu-Hene, Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

T: 0116 366 4520


Research Interests: machine learning, statistical, actuarial (including mortality and longevity modelling) techniques in finance, risk and insurance for the development of holistic risk based financial security systems. 

Dr. Qian Song, Lecturer in Accounting & Finance


Research interests: Corporate tax management behaviours; Earnings management; Financial reporting quality; Corporate governance

Associate Members

Dr. Samsul Alam,  Associate Professor


External Members

Dr Oriol Caudevilla Parellada, Leading Expert in FinTech & Consultant

Professor Xiuping Hua, Director, Centre for Inclusive Finance, University of Nottingham, China Campus

Dr Yang Tianle: Zhejiang University of Technology – Hangzhou, China

PhD Students:

Pattamon Rungmaitree

Thesis Title: Political and Economic Uncertainty and Hedge Fund Returns

Supervisors: Professor Agyenim Boateng, Dr Frederick Ahiabor & Dr Qinye Lu


Katarzyna Jaskowiec

Thesis Title: Does CEO Compensation encourages risk-taking?

Supervisors: Dr Frank Kwabi & Dr Neil Lancastle


Charles Kariuki

Thesis Title: Systemic risk and dynamics of Contagion: A case of the European interbank network.

Supervisors: Dr Gregory James & Dr TingTing Zhu


Akinyemi Taiwo Akintomide

Financial Inclusion, Gender gap & Economic Development of Nigeria

Supervisors: Dr Albert Danso & Dr Neil Lancastle


Christiana Cole

Thesis Title: The impact of board gender diversity on mergers and acquisition performance in the UK

Supervisors: Dr Anna Min Du & Professor Agyenim Boateng


Huber Prorokowski

Thesis Title: Quantifying sustainability of the UK banks: Implications of financial performance

Supervisors: Dr Renata Konadu & Dr Samuel Owusu-Agyei


Chizzy Wonu

The Impact of International Portfolio Equity Diversification on Financial Development and Country-level Institutional Quality

Supervisors: Dr Frank Kwabi & Dr Ernest Ezeani


Alakayle, Malek Abdaliah Ali

Big data and Credit Risk Management: A case of Middle East

Supervisors: Dr Linh Nguyen & Dr Bassam Kazmouz


Happiness Roberts

Thesis Title: The effects of board characteristics, internal corporate governance, and earnings management: A case of South Africa.

Supervisors: Professor Agyenim Boateng & Dr Marian Chijoke-Mgbame


Bismark Bediako

Thesis Title: Foreign direct investment, finance, and political risk: Evidence from developing countries

Supervisors: Dr. Neil Lancastle & Dr Albert Danso


Mathew Undenge

Thesis Title: Consumer insurance fraud prevention initiatives in the UK insurance sector: A stakeholder perspective from motor and household insurance

Supervisors: Dr Frank Kwabi & Dr John Margerison


Yujie Quyang

Thesis Title: The relevance of fair value accounting information in the post-financial crisis era

Supervisors: Professor Agyenim Boateng & Dr Vitor Leone


Nuha Alofi

Corporate social responsibility in Saudi Arabia: perception, disclosure, and firm performance

Supervisors: Dr Frank Kwabi & Dr Bola Babajide


Miguel Moniz

Thesis Title: The monetary roots of inequality. How the functioning of the modern monetary system contributes to widening economic inequality.

Supervisors: Dr Neil Lancastle and Dr Steve Keen


Koppula Manoj

Thesis Title: Corporate governance effects on earnings management and firm’s profitability

Supervisors: Dr Ernest Ezeani & Dr Frank Kwabi


Suvra Banik

Thesis Title: Board gender diversity and mergers & acquisitions: A comparative analysis of the UK and EU

Supervisors: Professor Agyenim Boateng & Dr Anna Min Du


Hanadi Salman Al-Khalidi

Thesis Title: Retirement income provision and pension fund investment strategy in Qatar

Supervisors: Dr Eric Ofosu-Hene & Dr Amal Khair


Abanyo Senyo

Thesis Title: The impact of financial education on business performance in developing countries: An empirical evidence from Ghana

Supervisors: Dr Victor Atiase & Dr Samuel Salia


Samuel Owusu-Manu

Thesis Title: The impact of economic policy uncertainty on cost of capital, stock market development and equity home bias.

Supervisors: Dr Frank Kwabi & Professor Agyenim Boateng

Aimaitijiang Ailikomujiang

Supervisors: Dr Vitor Leone & Dr Paul Hughes

Marindame Kombate

Supervisors: Dr S. Bhattacharyya & Dr Gregory James


Sambian, Robert

Thesis Title: Investigating sustainability of microfinance institutions and financial inclusion in Ghana

Supervisors: Dr Victor Atiase & Dr Samuel Salia