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Finance and Banking Research Centre selected publications

We pride ourselves on the quality of our research and their impact on businesses and society. Most of our research outputs are published in leading accounting, finance, banking, and management journals. Examples of recent publications include:

Fan, Y., Boateng, A., Ly, K.C. & Jiang, Y. (2021). Are bonds blind? Board-CEO networks and firm risk, Journal of Corporate Finance (ABS 4).

Adomako S., Ahsan M., Amankwah-Amoah J., Kesse A. Danso, A. & Frimpong K. (2021). Corruption and SME Growth: The Roles of Institutional Networking and Financial Slack, Journal of Institutional Economics (ABS3).

Nguyen, L.H., Chevapatrakul, T. and Yao, K., 2020. Investigating tail-risk dependence in the cryptocurrency markets: A LASSO quantile regression approach, Journal of Empirical Finance, 58, 333-355. (ABS3).

Lartey, T., Kesse, K. & Danso, A. (2020). CEO extraversion and capital structure decisions: the role of firm dynamics, product market competition and financial crisis, Journal of Financial Research, XLIII, 4, 847-893 (ABS3)

Abbasi, K., Alam, A., Du, M. & Huynh, T. (2020). FinTech, SME efficiency and national culture: Evidence from OECD countriesTechnological Forecasting & Social Change (ABS 3), 120454. (ABS 3)

Shaban, M. & James, G. A. (2018). The effects of ownership change on bank performance and risk exposure: Evidence from Indonesia, Journal of Banking & Finance, 88, 483-497 (ABS 3)

Chijoke-Mgbame, M., Boateng, A. & Mgbame, C.O. (2020). Board Gender Diversity, Audit Committee and Financial Performance: Evidence from NigeriaAccounting Forum, 44(3), 262-286. (ABS 3)

Lartey, T., James, G. & Danso, A. (2021). Interbank funding, bank risk exposure and performance in the UK: A three stage network DEA approach, International Review of Financial Analysis, 75, 101753. (ABS3)

Lu, Q. and Vivian, A., 2020. Domestically formed international diversification, Journal of International Money and Finance, 103, p.102131 (ABS3)

Kwabi, F.O., Thapa, C., Paudyal, K., Neupane, S., (2020). Sub-optimal international equity portfolio diversification and stock market development, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 54(1), 389-412 (ABS3)

Ahammad, M. F., Leone, V., Tarba, S.Y., Glaister, K.W., & Aslan, A. (2017). Equity ownership in cross-border mergers & acquisitions by British firms: An analysis of real options and transaction cost factors, British Journal of Management, 28, 180-196. (ABS4)

Boateng, A, Du, M., Bi, X., & Lodorfos, G. (2019). Cultural distance and value creation of cross-border M&A: The Moderating Role of Acquirer Characteristics, International Review of Financial Analysis. 63, 285-295, 2019 (ABS 3)

Leone, V., Kwabi, F.O., (2019). High frequency trading, price discovery and market efficiency in FTSE100. Economics Letters, 181,174-177. (ABS 3)

Konadu R., Owusu-Agyei S., Lartey T., Danso, A., Adomako S. & Amankwah-Amoah J. (2020) CEOs’ reputation, quality management and environmental innovation: the roles of stakeholder pressure and resource commitment, Business Strategy and the Environment, (ABS3)

Boateng, A. & Huang, W. (2017). Multiple Large Shareholders, Excess Leverage and Tunnelling: Evidence from Emerging Market, Corporate Governance: An International Review, 25, 1: 58-74. (ABS3)

Lartey, T., Danso, A. & Owusu-Agyei, S. (2020). CEOs’ market sentiment and corporate innovation: the role of financial uncertainty, competition and capital intensity, International Review of Financial Analysis, 72, 101581. (ABS3).

Kwabi, F.O., Boateng, A., Du, A., (2020). Impact of central bank independence, transparency and institutional quality on foreign equity portfolio flow: a cross-country analysis. International Review of Financial Analysis, 69, 101464. (ABS3)

Ahiabor, F. S. and James, G. A. (2019). Domestic lead arranger certification and the pricing of project finance loans, International Journal of Finance & Economics24,150-167.

Karimu, A., Salia, S. Javed, G. H. and Tingbani, I. (2019). Are Competitive Microfinance Services Worth Regulating? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa. International Journal of Finance and Economics, (ABS3)

Atiase VY, Dzansi DY (2020). Investigating the drivers of product innovation in emerging markets: The African perspective. Strategic Change. Vol. 29, No.1 pp..29:89–101 (ABS2)