Finance and Banking Research Centre

FiBRe is an academic centre which brings together finance and banking researchers to engage in cutting-edge research, combining academic rigour with practice and policy relevance. FiBRe’s strategy is to develop a distinctive international profile through links with industry and policymakers, produce high quality research outputs, train the next generation of researchers and prepare them for success in their chosen careers.

The broad academic backgrounds of our staff span specialisms including corporate finance, corporate governance, banking and international investments. We offer research opportunities in areas including mergers and acquisitions; capital structure decisions; assets pricing; financial regulation; corporate risk management strategies; corporate governance mechanisms and firm performance; international investments; insider trading laws and bank market power.

Other areas of interest include interbank lending, bank networks and macro issues such as monetary policy and sustainable development. Our members have strong track records in their respective fields and have published articles in journals ranked as world-leading (ABS 4*) and internationally excellent (ABS 3*) by the Association of Business Schools’ Academic Journal Guide.

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