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Professor Eerke Boiten, Director of Cyber Technology Institute, Interim Head of School of Computer Science and Informatics

Research interests: Data privacy and data ethics; Cyber security; Ransomware; Formal methods: application to cryptography and security; refinement; viewpoints


Dr Ali Al-Bayatti, Associate Professor in Cyber Security and Subject Group Leader for Cyber Security

Research interests: Intelligent mobility / Autonomous vehicles


Dr Aladdin Ayesh, Reader in Artificial Intelligence

Research interests: AI / Cognitive systems / Mobile systems / Text mining


Dr Jo Barwick, Research and Commercial Development Manager


Professor Edward Cartwright, Professor of Economics, Leicester Castle Business School


Dr Feng Chen, Senior Lecturer / Co-ordinator of DTP in Cyber Technology

Research interests: Smart technologies / software evolution / adaptive software


Professor Liming (Luke) Chen, Professor / Head of CIIRG

Research interests: SMART technologies / SMART homes


Dr Moira Carroll-Mayer, Senior Lecturer in Law and Ethics

Research interests: Digital forensics / security management / ethics and law of advanced weapons systems


Mr John Files, Senior Technical Analyst


Dr Catherine Flick, Reader in Computing and Social Responsibility


Dr Vasileios Germanos, Lecturer in Computer Science

Research interests: Formal methods, pi-Calculus, Petri nets, diagnosis, distributed and concurrent systems, information security, security policies, IoT, cloud computing, robotics


Dr Ying He, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Research interests: Security Incident Response / Security Risk Management / Information Governance


Mr Clinton Ingrams, Senior Lecturer

Research interests: Security of web applications / Penetration testing


Dr Laleh Kasraian, Lecturer in Information Systems

Research interests: IS/IT Service Co-Production, Service Innovation and Service Design Methodologies


Dr Sarmadullah Khan, Lecturer in Cyber Security and Programme Leader for MSc Cyber Technology, MSc Software Engineering, MSc Cyber Security, MSc Professional Practice in Digital Forensics and Security

Research interests: IoT security / Wireless sensor networks security / Content centric networks security / Key establishment and management


Dr Mehmet Kiraz, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Research interests: Cryptographic Protocols, Privacy, Secure Multi-Party Computation, PKI, Certificate Transparency, Zero-Knowledge Protocols, Homomorphic Encryption, Threshold Cryptography, Pairing-Based Cryptography, Electronic Voting, Cloud Security, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Multi-Party Threshold ECDSA and Crypto Wallets.


Dr Stefan Kuhn, Lecturer in Computer Science

Research interests: Chemoinformatics / bioinformatics / algorithms / reversible computation


Dr Dawei Liu, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Research interests: Positioning and navigation systems / Wireless network security / Smartphone security / Spatial data structure,
software-defined radio


Dr Francisco Aparicio Navarro, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Research interests: Network Security / Anomaly Detection / Network Traffic Analysis / Computer Networks


Dr Leandros Maglaras, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Research interests: Protection of Critical Infrastructures / Intrusion Detection Systems / Data Mining / SCADA security


Dr Stuart O'Connor, Lecturer in Computer Science

Research interests: Gamification/ Intelligent Agents / Perceptual Evaluation / Psychophysics / Serious Games / User-Centered / Virtual Environments.


Dr Francois Siewe, Reader in Computer Science / Head of STRL

Research interests: Modelling of context aware and pervasive systems


Mr David Smallwood, Principal Lecturer

Research interests: Procedural and functional programming / Formal Methods


Dr Richard Smith, Associate Professor / Head of Cyber Security Centre

Research interests: ICS security / Security of CNI


Dr Ismini Vasileiou, Associate Professor and Subject Leader in Information Systems

Research interests: Security Education / Information Systems / Big Data / Learning Analytics / Social Engineering / Flexible Learning


Dr Isabel Wagner, Senior Lecturer

Research interests: Privacy / Gender differences in Computer Science / Cryptography


Dr Nisansala Yatapanage, Lecturer in Computer Science

Research interests: Formal methods, software verification, software specification, safety-critical systems, hazard analysis, concurrency, model checking, rely-guarantee reasoning


Dr Iryna Yevseyeva, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Research Interests: Optimisation / decision-analysis in cyber security / human aspects of cyber security


Dr Suleiman Yerima, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Research interests: Malware analysis and detection / Intrusion detection systems / Transparent authentication / Mobile security / IoT security


Dr Wen Zeng, Lecturer in Cyber Security


Research interests: Cyber security (information security economics, digital rights management systems, information flow security, security metrics and standards); Petri net based behavioural models of complex systems

Visiting professors

Professor Thomas Brandstetter, Honorary Visiting Professor in Cyber Security
Managing Director of Limes Security / Professor of Computer Security at the University of Applied Sciences, St Poelten, Austria

Dr Allan Cook, Visiting Senior Research Fellow in Cyber Risk
Associate Director Cyber, Risk Advisory / Deloitte

Keith Cottenden, Honorary Visiting Professor in Digital Forensics
Head of Digital Forensics & Incident Response / 3B Data Security

Chris Hurran OBE, Honorary Visiting Lecturer in Cyber Security
Director of Cyber Security Challenge and Company Secretary

Professor Helge Janicke, Honorary Visiting Professor in Cyber Security
Research Director / Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre, Australia

Professor Andy Jones, Honorary Visiting Professor in Digital Forensics
Director of the Cyber Security Centre / University of Hertfordshire

Dr Kevin Jones, Honorary Visiting Professor in Cyber Security
Head of Cyber Security Architecture, Innovation and Scouting / Airbus

Ian Mann, Honorary Visiting Lecturer in Cyber Security
Director of ECSC

Dr Robert Oates, Honorary Visiting Professor of Cyber Security and Safety
Global Software Development Lead / Rolls-Royce

Robert Partridge, Honorary Visiting Professor in Cyber Security Education
Head of Business Development, Red Team / BT

Colin Williams, Honorary Visiting Professor in Cyber Security
Director of SoftBox 

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