Cyber Technology Institute postgraduate study options

Doctoral Study in Cyber Technology

The Cyber Technology Institute offers doctoral study across a wide range of research topics using a variety of routes leading towards a PhD. In particular, a significant number of our over 40 doctoral students are professionals from across the world, who study part-time in the CTI alongside their significant roles in industry, government, or education. Doctoral study in the CTI is through the Cyber Security and Software Technology Doctoral Training Programme. Prospective students are encouraged to informally contact a potential supervisor to discuss a research proposal before making a formal application.

MSc Cyber Security, MSc Cyber Technology

Our MSc programmes include MSc Cyber Technology and MSc Cyber Security have been developed in consultation with our Industrial Advisory Group, which includes: Airbus, BT, Deloitte UK and Rolls-Royce. The MSc Cyber Security has provisional accreditation from GCHQ. Together this assures that our programs provide an up to date and comprehensive coverage of high industrial relevance in cyber technology.


For information regarding postgraduate research contact Professor Eerke