Stopping smoking

LiveWell Leicester provides free support available to anyone who wishes to quit smoking.

The Stop Smoking Service is available to support you and offer:

  • Free, friendly, non-judgemental support and advice to help you stop smoking
  • Support for up to 12 weeks with a Stop smoking advisor
  • This service is available (and free) for anyone who lives in the City. 
  • Free information
  • Free medication if you get free prescriptions
  • A genuine welcome back if you start smoking again and want to have another go at stopping
  • Telephone based appointments are available

If you don’t think you will ever want to stop smoking, think about switching to vaping. An e-cigarette is 95% safer than smoking, because you don’t breathe in any tar or carbon monoxide and switching completely brings health gains. The advisors will also tell you about licensed stop smoking products available to you.

You can find more innformation on Leicester's LiveWell webpages.

The NHS has 10 self help tips to stop smoking that could also help you get started.

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