Sexual health

For all sexual health appointments, you can book in with your GP or visit the Haymarket Health in the Leicester town centre. 

(1st Floor, Haymarket Shopping Centre Leicester LE1 3YT)

This service can provide all forms of contraception and sexual health advice and testing.

More information on local sexual health services is available on the Leicester Sexual Health website.

C- Card


The C-Card is credit card sized card that gives people quick, easy access to free condoms. These are available from the DSU reception during their opening hours 9am - 5pm.

Registration takes about 10 minutes. You will be asked a few simple questions such as your age and address.  All the information is kept confidential.


If you do not live in Leicester please go to your local sexual health team for advice.

Not sure what type of contraception is best for you? Try starting with the advice in the NHS Contraception Guide.

The information presented on this site is for general use only and is not intended for people living with any medical conditions who are seeking personal medical advice; it is not a substitute for the advice of your doctor. If you have any questions or concerns about individual health matters or the management of your condition, please consult your local GP.