Exam arrangements

Exam support may be required for students with a disability, mental health condition or a long-term medical condition. In order to access support, students must provide appropriate evidence to the Disability Team or Mental Health Team prior to the deadlines

These deadlines are stated on the exams office webpages.

Individual support may include:

  • Extra time
  • Use of a reader
  • Use of a scribe
  • Use of a computer and/or additional software
  • Other appropriate support recommended by a suitably qualified professional

Please come and discuss any support requirements with us so you are well equipped for your exams. When attending an appointment please bring medical evidence/learning assessments with you.

Contact details

Email us at disability@dmu.ac.uk or wellbeing@dmu.ac.uk. Appointments can be booked with the Disability Team or Mental Health Team via MyGateway.