Autism support



The Disability Advice and Support team can help you with:

  • Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)
  • Individual exam arrangements
  • Teaching and Learning Adjustments
  • Advice and support

If you're struggling with anything and need to contact the team, you can email us at

Keep up to date

You can find us on Twitter @DMUAutismTeam and on Instagram @dmuautism

We also run the Autism at University podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Audible and most other platforms. 

Support we offer



  1. New to DMU

    New to DMU is an event for new students to get to know the university, meet the Autism Team and spend the night in student accommodation before the academic year starts. The event runs before the start of term so that students can get to know the campus while it's less busy. New to DMU is a great opportunity to make some friends, have fun and experience a night in student accommodation. Attendees are welcome to come along for the daytime portion of the event only if they prefer not to spend the night.

  2. Social activities

    Every Thursday the Autism Team meets outside Gateway House at 6pm for a social activity. Our previous social activities have included trips to the cinema, bowling, crazy golf, quiz nights, comedy festivals, board game cafes and lots more.

    You're welcome to join us; it’s a great way to some new acquaintances and socialise in a supportive environment.

    If you have any ideas for a social activity, please let us know!

  3. Lunch socials

    Our lunch socials are a chance to meet with others, talk about your week and play games.

    Lunch social times:

    • Wednesday, 12pm - 1pm with Tabitha: In person, at The Breathing Space (located in Portland Building)
    • Thursday, 12pm - 1pm with Adam: In person, at The Breathing Space (located in Portland Building)
    • Friday, 12pm – 1pm with Lee: In person at The Pod (located on the first floor of the Campus Centre)
  4. Mindfulness sessions

    The Autism Team offer mindfulness sessions every Tuesday at 12pm until 12.30pm. These are remote sessions on MS Teams, available to book through MyGateway. Recorded sessions are available on the DMU Autism Padlet (link below) for you to access any time.

    Access our Padlet

  5. Autism Life Hacks

    Autism Life Hacks is a schedule of weekly training sessions that autistic students might find useful, covering various aspects of life. Examples include:

    • Making friends
    • Energy accounting
    • Imposter syndrome
    • Avoiding scams & many more

    We offer a different topic each week. Sessions can be booked through MyGateway. We also have a dedicated Padlet with pre-recorded Life Hack sessions.

    Access our Padlet

  6. Future Proofing

    The autism team offers Future Proofing sessions aimed towards final year students to support with their next steps after university. There is no need to book onto these sessions; you can just turn up on the day. These sessions occur in Gateway House 0.21 on the following days:

    • First Thursday of each month with Adam
    • Last Friday of each month with Clare
  7. Mentoring and study skills

    The Autism Team include specialist autism mentors and study skills tutors who provide 1:1 support as part of DSA provision. Mentors and Tutors can support you to develop strategies to increase your independence and achieve your academic goals.

  8. Quick Query appointments

    Do you have a quick question you need the answer to? Is there something you’re unsure of? Book an "Autism Team Quick Query" appointment on MyGateway.

    Appointments available 9am to 10am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Meet the team


Clare - Disability Officer

Clare - Disability Officer


  • Film: Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Book: How to build a Girl
  • Song: Echo Beach
  • Place: Stephen Joseph Theatre
  • Quote: "You have to throw a stone to get the pool to ripple"

What would you take to a desert island?
A solar powered radio!

What's one reason you love working at DMU?
I love my job. It doesn’t feel like work and I work with a great team.

Adam - Lead Specialist Autism Mentor

Adam - Lead Specialist Autism Mentor


  • Film: Shawshank Redemption
  • Book: Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire
  • Song: Don’t Look Back in Anger
  • Place: Sydney
  • Quote: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."

What would you take to a desert island?
A satellite phone!

What's one reason you love working at DMU?
Supporting students is the best job ever! Being able to help in any little way really means a lot and I also work with an amazing team!

Lee - Specialist Autism Mentor


  • Film: Everything Marvel!
  • Book: The Secret Life of Bees
  • Song: Little Talks
  • Place: The Lake District
  • Quote: "If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive."

What would you take to a desert island?
A pen and paper to make a list!

What's one reason you love working at DMU?
It is genuinely my dream job. If I can make a difference to someone’s life, or even just their day, then it means that world to me.

Tabitha - Specialist Autism Mentor

Tabitha - Specialist Autism Mentor


  • Film: Pride
  • Book: Deamon Voices
  • Song: Rainy Night in Soho
  • Place: West Cork
  • Quote: "One of the greatest freedoms is how we react to things."

What would you take to a desert island?
All of the books!

What's one reason you love working at DMU?
The work is so varied and interesting and it’s brilliant working in such a supportive team.