Prayer rooms

The DMU Prayer Rooms are open for use for students and staff on Monday to Friday from 8am until 9pm, during term time when DMU is open. 

The Muslim Prayer Rooms are based on the Lower Ground Floor of the Portland Building. The Prayer Room entrance is found at the rear entrance of Portland Building on Newarke Close, through the car park. Our full address is:

Portland Building
De Montfort University
Newarke Close

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Brothers' Prayer Room

The Brothers' Prayer Room (Room 00.31) has been extended with the new area having an induction loop to assist hearing, and is wheelchair accessible. It has ablution facilities (Room 00.31b) and nearby toilets (Room 00.18).

Sisters' Prayer Room

The Sisters’ Prayer Room (Room 00.27) is next door where prayers can be joined with the Imam. The full room has an induction loop to assist hearing and is wheelchair accessible. It has facilities for ablution (Room 00.20) and toilets (Room 00.19). In these toilets, free sanitary products will be offered, as part of a De Montfort Students Union (DSU) campaign to address period poverty across De Montfort University (DMU) campus, to improve female wellbeing across the university.  

If you are a member of staff working on campus and are unable to attend the Prayer Room when it is open, you may want to discuss with your line manager whether it is feasible to allow time for you to visit other local faith centres. 

To find an alternative local mosque you can search using Mosque Finder.


  1. Prayer times

    The current prayer timetable can be found below. These are updated shortly before the start of each new month.

  2. Jumu'ah (Friday prayer) times

    Jumu'ah prayers take place on Friday during term-time. Please note second and third Jumu'ah will be performed on an ad-hoc basis, provided there are sufficient numbers of people to make a congregation.

    Khutbah (Sermon): Brief transcript

    British Winter Time (BWT): Current

    British Summer Time (BST)

  3. Lillah (Donations)

    All users are encouraged to support the Prayer Room and all donations will be utilised to maintain, improve and enhance the Prayer Room and its activities, such as Ramadan Iftar and Eid.

    To make a donation, please visit the DMU Store's Prayer Room Donations page, input your own donation amount and select "Add to basket". You will receive a receipt via email to confirm your donation.

    On behalf of the Prayer Room, we thank you for your kind and generous donations.

  4. Prayer names

    • Adhān (Call for Prayer)
    • Khutbah (Sermon)
    • Jamā`ah (Congregational Prayer)

    There are five (5) mandatory Ṣalāh (prayers) which consist of the following Raka`āt (units):

    Ṣalāh (Prayer) Time Sunnah before Farḍ Farḍ Sunnah after Farḍ Nafl Witr Nafl
    Fajr (Morning) Dawn to sunrise 2 2
    Ẓuhr (Midday) After true noon till Asr 4 4 2 2
    Aṣr (Late Afternoon) End of Ẓuhr to sunset 4 4
    Maghrib (Evening) Sunset to when white of dusk 3 2 2
    Ishā (Night) Dusk until dawn 4 4 2 2 3 2
    Jumu'ah (Friday) Fridays only (instead of Ẓuhr) 4 2 4/2 2

  5. Diary dates

    2023 (1444 AH) diary dates

    These Gregorian dates are according to the expected first sighting of the new moon (lunar crescent), pending the actual sighting.

    Event Date
    Laylah al-Barā`ah (Sha`bān) Tuesday 7 March
    Ramaḍān Thursday 23 March
    Laylah al-Qadr Monday 17 April
    `Id al-Fitr (Ramaḍān Eid) Friday 21 April
    Ḏū al-Ḥijjah Monday 19 June
    Yawm `Arafah Tuesday 27 June
    `Id al-Adhā (Ḥajj Eid) Wednesday 28 June
    `Ḥijrāh (Islamic New Year) Saturday 30th July
    `Āshūrah (10th Muḥarram) Monday 8th August



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