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The De Montfort University (DMU) School and College Liaison Team is committed to supporting teachers, careers advisers, students and parents through the higher education process.

We look after 150 sixth forms and colleges, offering a student-focused service that provides information, advice and guidance on all topics relating to university life.

Our flexible approach means we can come to you or you can come to us – our adaptable suite of presentations, workshops and events are designed to fit in with your students and their timetable.

Whats on

DMU Futures Fair

23 Apr

DMU Futures Fair

Find out about the exciting opportunities at DMU and learn more about the courses on offer from current students and academics.

University Experience Days

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University Experience Days

Craft the perfect day for your students to learn about university life. You'll be able choose from an array of activities to create a bespoke experience, with a free lunch included.

What we offer

Research stage

Research can happen at any point! You will have careers fairs you invite your year 7’s to, and may go to UCAS fairs with just your year 12’s. During the research stage, we can talk to Key Stage 4 about choosing the right Level 3 options, and your Key Stage 5 about how to choose the right university and course for them. We can also talk about how to get the most out of research.

Why HE?

Key Stage 4 and 5

45 minutes

With so many options after sixth form or college, how do you know you are making the right choice? This talk will allow your students to understand what is involved in Higher Education, the experiences they can gain whilst at university, and the many benefits of becoming a university student. We will also give excellent examples of where DMU excels in its student support and experience, such as international trips, course facilities and a huge array of extra-curricular activities.

Learning outcomes
  • What Higher Education is
  • What can be achieved at university
  • What DMU can offer specifically
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Making the right choice

Key Stage 5

30 minutes

There are over 300 different institutions across the UK, and between them there are thousands of courses to choose from. How, therefore, do you know you are making the right decisions? We use this informative talk to let students know all the factors they need to consider when looking for a university and course to suit them, and give them the tools to narrow their search down to their five UCAS choices.

Learning outcomes
  • The different institutions available
  • What factors are most important when choosing an institution
  • What factors are most important when choosing a course
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Student life

Key Stage 4 and 5

30 - 45 minutes

It’s all very well hearing our wonderful staff members talk about university, but we feel that your learners will relate far better to our current students. Our students have all recently been through the application process and are eager to offer advice and support, as well as talk about their own day to day experiences at DMU. (Student ambassadors from specific subjects can be requested)

Learning outcomes
  • What life is like for a university student
  • The transition from College/Sixth form to university
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Pre-application stage

Starting the UCAS application can be daunting. Now is a great time to hear from our students, learn about personal statements, and come and visit our campus! We can offer this at any point throughout Key Stage 5, and have some great advice on how to boost Personal Statements during the summer.

Making the most of your summer

Key Stage 5

45 minutes

The summer break between year 12 and 13 is a crucial time of year, that your learners could really utilise to make the most out of any UCAS, apprenticeship or job applications coming up over the next year. From volunteering to part-time work, the skills that can be gained from these experiences will boost any application form. It all comes from making the most of your summer.

Learning outcomes
  • What is coming up over the next year in terms of university applications
  • How they can utilise their time over the summer
  • The types of skills that can be gained over the summer
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Personal statements, including the UCAS process

Key Stage 5

30 - 45 minutes

The UCAS process can be a complicated one to navigate, but is crucial for all applications to a UK university. We break down the process to inform students of what is coming, what happens next, with a firm focus on completing personal statements. We understand that the personal statement can be daunting, but our breakdown makes it simple and easy to understand the requirements.

Learning outcomes
  • What is UCAS
  • The application process
  • The importance of a personal statement
  • What goes into a personal statement
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Creating a portfolio

Key Stage 5

30 minutes

Plenty of your creative learners may want to pursue a career on a creative field. Studying a creative course would usually require an applicant to submit a portfolio, but what does that mean? We can talk through what would be expected in a portfolio submission, how to submit this, and can even show examples of current students work.

Learning outcomes
  • Courses that may require a portfolio
  • What to put into a portfolio
  • How to present a portfolio
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Post-application stage

Once the UCAS application is out of the way, your learners can start thinking about finance, completing their school/college assessments, and then preparing for university. We can talk to them about all things finance, preparing for university, and some tips and advice around results day.

Student finance

Key Stage 5

45 minutes

Understanding student finance can be a difficult and confusing concept, but one of great importance to all considering university. We aim to simplify the process as much as possible explaining exactly what the fees and loans mean, including the repayments. This will give your learners a full understanding of what a student loan may look like for them.

Learning outcomes
  • What is included in student finance
  • When to apply for student finance
  • How to apply for student finance
  • How much they might be entitled to
  • How and how much to repay
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University interviews

Key Stage 5

30 minutes

For some courses, an application is all that is needed. For some more specialist courses, however, applicants are required to attend an interview. Whether in person, or online, the word interview can appear very intimidating. We aim to put learners at ease by giving them some top interview tips to help them sail through any extra requirements for their application.

Learning outcomes
  • Why a university course might require an interview
  • How to conduct yourself in an interview
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Preparing for university, including what happens next with UCAS

Key Stage 5

45 minutes

There are a lot of daunting prospects that come with the summer before university. What do I take with me? How will I make friends? What happens to my application throughout the summer? We can help to take some of this worry away, and ensure that your learners are fully prepared for the summer and beyond.

Learning outcomes
  • What happens next with their UCAS applications
  • What is UCAS extra and Clearing
  • Ways to prepare for arriving at university
  • What to expect in the first few weeks of university life
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What we've been up to

Nick in front of DMU banners promoting DMU courses.

Exciting day at Coludon Castle's Careers Fair! 🌟 I'm thrilled to connect with aspiring students share opportunities. - Nick

30 November 2023
Leicester college campus

Bringing a splash of colour to Leicester College today for their HE Fair. Many of my conversations today were with students not taking the 'usual' route to university, and I had a great time talking to prospective students about using their international qualifications to gain a place at DMU. There are so many options for entering into higher education! If you're not sure, all you have to do is ask 😊

6 October 2023
SMB College Group

Well that's it, the academic year has well and truly begun! I've been at 3 great events this week at 3 brilliant colleges. It's already been a great week, from reconnecting with colleagues across the sector, to bumping into old childhood friends, to donuts! Not to mention speaking to students just starting out their college journeys and beginning to understand UCAS and universities.

I've now got a couple of days off before we continue into what I know is going to be a fantastic year for HE!

26 September 2023

Widening Participation and Schools

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Profile picture for Laura Rowe

Laura Rowe

School and College Liaison Officer

I have a real interest in making sure students are kept informed about university, and as a former DMU student I have a lot to say about the incredible opportunities open to students. I thoroughly enjoy speaking with prospective students whether in school or on our campus, and love to see the surprise and intrigue that comes from learning about Higher Education.

All-Regions Derby Leicestershire Sheffield
Profile picture for Nick King

Nick King

School and College Liaison Officer

I focus on sparking students' interest in higher education, making the university experience seem less daunting and more exciting. It's about showing them a world of possibilities and guiding them through their options, making the idea of university inviting and accessible.

All-Regions Coventry Warwickshire
Profile picture for Taiyeba Mankda

Taiyeba Mankda

School and College Liaison Officer

I truly understand the importance of higher education with all the opportunities that HE provides; I was the first person in my family to attend university, as well as completing a summer school and internship in China. This is why I am truly passionate about sharing my own experiences and inspiring prospective students to take the next step in their academic careers.

All-Regions Nottingham Peterborough Lincolnshire
Profile picture for Henryk Smolinski

Henryk Smolinski

School and College Liaison Officer

I find immense fulfillment in engaging students face-to-face, sharing my rich university experiences, and igniting their potential in the world of Higher Education. Whether through talks, representing DMU at your career fairs, or hosting enlightening Taster Days on campus, I'm here to support.

All-Regions Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Luton Milton-Keynes
Profile picture for Walid Hagdad

Walid Hagdad

School and College Liaison - London Officer

I really enjoy talking with students about going to uni. My job is to make higher education less confusing and show how it can really help their future. I create a safe space for students to talk about what they want to do. It's great to see them get excited about the chances they have in higher education, especially in London and the areas around it.

All-Regions London
Profile picture for Dalvir Uppal

Dalvir Uppal

School and College Liaison - West Midlands Officer

I believe education opens countless opportunities. With my West Midlands roots, I support schools and colleges. As an experienced lecturer, I provide clear guidance, fuelled by a passion for higher education. Reach out if your institution could benefit.

All-Regions Wolverhampton Birmingham
Profile picture for Faye Wickham

Faye Wickham

School and College Liaison Officer

Engaging with students about the opportunities university offers is deeply rewarding. I love helping them see the benefits of higher education in a friendly and open way. Watching their excitement as they explore academic sessions on campus or access our facilities is the highlight of my role.

All-Regions Leicestershire
Profile picture for Ben Howgill

Ben Howgill

Senior School and College Liaison Officer

Speaking to students and developing their interests in university and investing in their futures is extremely rewarding, and I enjoy talk to them about the benefits of university, researching their university options.

Profile picture for Jamie Bradford

Jamie Bradford

Head of Recruitment Operations

I am lucky to lead a team of natural communicators who all genuinely love their face-to-face work with school and college students. Our mission is to inspire, to inform and to engage and we look forward to working with yourself and your students in the future.

Profile picture for Evridiki Thoma

Evridiki Thoma

School and College Liaison Assistant

I'm passionate about working with students to shape their dreams and build their confidence. My conversations are all about discovering what they're excited about and helping them see how they can achieve it. It's so rewarding to guide them as they grow more confident in their abilities, especially when it comes to making big decisions about their future in higher education.