International students


  1. US loans

    There are two types of funding available to students from the USA:

    • Federal Direct Loans
    • Private Loans

    Federal Direct Loans

    DMU is approved by the US Department of Education to offer the William D Ford Federal Direct Loan programme. There are three types of Federal Direct Loans available:

    • Direct Subsidised loans
    • Direct Unsubsidised loans
    • Direct PLUS loans (Graduate and Parent PLUS)

    For more information, please visit the Federal Student Aid website.

    For more information from DMU on how to apply please visit our Federal Direct Loans: How to Apply and Further Information page.

    Private Loans

    Private Loans are available. However, it should be noted that most students at DMU are eligible for federal loans and that these normally offer more favourable rates than private loans.

    Students/applicants considering a private educational loan in order to fund their studies should investigate their eligibility for Federal Student Aid. Please see the Student Aid website for more information.

    For students who are not able to take out US Federal Loans or want additional loans they may be able to borrow from private lenders in the US. Historically, we have only worked with Sallie Mae Student Loans. However, this does not mean Sallie Mae are a preferred lender, we are willing to work with other lenders (where applicable).

    Veterans Affairs Funding

    Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide Veteran Affairs Funding due to changes in the policy operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  2. Canadian students

    Canadian students who receive funding from their local province/territory may require confirmation of enrolment or tax forms to be completed by the university.

    Students can email these forms to the for completion. When emailing your form, please include your full name, p number and if you are a registered student at the university, send the e mail from your university email address.

    Please allow 5 working days for the completion of these forms – this timescale can vary dependent upon the time of year.

  3. Students from EEA

    The Student Gateway team complete funding forms for students who are eligible for student finance from different countries in the European Economic Area. If your funding form includes a section that needs to be completed by university, please ensure that all sections of the form that need to be filled in by the student have been completed before the PDF document is sent to – include your full name, p number and if you are a registered student at the university, send the e mail from your university email address.

    Forms that we offer assistance with include: CSN (Sweden), DUO (The Netherlands) and Lanekassen (Norway).

    Please allow 5 working days for the completion of standard student finance forms – this timescale can vary dependent upon the time of year.



Opening a student bank account

When you are registered as a student with DMU you can open a student bank account.  To open a student bank account, you will need a bank letter from DMU.

However, due to Covid-19, it may not be possible for you to open a bank account when you arrive in the UK. Therefore, we encourage you to bring a credit card (not Amex) with you. This will allow you to use internet shopping while you are required to quarantine for 14 days or if you need to self-isolate due to Covid-19 symptoms. Please refer to our Covid-19 website for more information.

Part-time work

As an international student you can work up to 20 hours per week during term-time, the number of hours you can work increases to full-time during vacations.  However, you must ensure that the work you do does not breech the terms of your visa.  If you require more information on working during your studies, visit UKCISA.

Part-time work opportunities in the UK are currently reduced due to Covid-19.  Therefore, you should not rely on securing part-time work to support your living costs or pay your tuition fees.  Please refer to our Covid-19 website for up-to-date information on working in the UK.

If you're thinking about working part-time, DMU has an in-house recruitment agency, Unitemps. There are also job opportunities listed on MyGateway Alternatively, you may wish to try recruitment agencies, such as Indeed or Student Job.

You may need a work letter from DMU to register with some agencies.  To request a work letter, please contact our Immigration Compliance Team.

If you would like advice and support on looking for work and applying for part-time jobs, the Employability and Careers Team can help.

Post study work visa

The UK government has introduced a new two-year post-study work visa for international students. This will be available to anyone completing a UK degree and will enable you to stay in the UK for two years following graduation. It is hoped that the Post Study Work Visa will provide increased job opportunities for international students.