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Month by month finance tips and advice for DMU applicants


Register for funding, calculate student loan and think about budgeting


Apply for accommodation and make contact with disability team should you need disability support


Deadline for funding application and start saving for uni


Results day, Get a student bank account and arrange an interest free overdraft

Please note: This content was written with undergraduate home students in mind. If you are an International student please contact Student Finance and Welfare or International Student Support directly for further advice and guidance.


Check you have sent everything to Student Finance – do they know you are a care leaver? Have you provided evidence of being estranged? Make sure you provide this to maximise your student finance income.

You can contact the DMU Transitions Team for further advice and support.

Tell the Transitions Team at DMU if you are a care leaver or estranged from your parents as there may be additional financial support you can receive to support you through your studies at DMU.

Have you budgeted for items you will need for your student accommodation?

Do you need a deposit or guarantor for your accommodation? For help and advice, speak to the DMU Transitions Team


Let the Transitions Team know if there are any issues with your Student Finance – they can help!

Find out about what support the Transitions Team can provide to you whilst at DMU – there are events you can get involved in that are free and exclusively for care leavers and estranged students.

Have you paid the rent for your accommodation for the first term? You might need to start thinking about budgeting!

Make sure you have let the Transitions Team know if you are a care leaver or estranged – don’t miss out on additional financial support.


First payments of bursaries to care leavers and estranged students are made – make sure your bank account details are up to date.

Do you need to stay in your accommodation over the holidays? Check you can, and that there are no additional costs – speak to the Transitions Team if you need any advice.

Make sure you have budgeted for travel costs during the holidays if you plan to travel back to friends or support networks.


If you are staying in Leicester, there might be part-time seasonal work you can apply for to earn extra money whilst at DMU. MyGateway and Unitemps have lots of job opportunities, and you can speak to our Careers Team online or at their Careers Hub on the ground floor of the Hugh Aston building (opposite the Hawthorn building entrance) for advice and guidance.

Think about extra costs at Christmas if you want to buy gifts or have seasonal food. Check out whether there are any free lunches happening that you can get involved with. Healthy DMU keeps a list of festive activities that will update closer to the time.

Think about additional housing costs at this time of year too – for example, you might need to have the heating on if you are staying in your accommodation. Try to stay warm with extra blankets, clothes and a hot water bottle!

The Transitions Team will check on you before the holidays – just to make sure you are ok.


Your second instalment of student finance is paid in January – make sure you have a budget for the next term. Check bills and rent payments.

Speak to the Transitions Team if you are worried about finances at the start of the year.

The Unite Scholarship opens – find out whether you're eligible online.


Next bursary payments are due in February – make sure your bank details are right!

You might need to start looking for accommodation – do you need a guarantor? Speak to the Transitions Team for housing advice and support.

Think about budgets for additional accommodation costs – you might need to pay a fee or a deposit. Get housing advice if you are not sure before you sign any contracts that you can’t get out of.

Look at the DMU Support Fund if you are struggling financially – there is plenty of help and advice as a care leaver or an estranged student.


Make sure you are checking to see if you can reapply for student finance as a returning student – do they have everything they need to process your application? You can always speak to the Transitions Team for help if you are not sure!

Exam timetables will be out soon – do you have the right study aids; do you need anything to help you study for exams? You can meet with the Transitions Team for advice and guidance – book an appointment.

If you are an estranged student, the Transitions Team will contact you about summer accommodation and financial support that might be available to you, as we know how expensive this can be.


This will be your final student finance payment for the academic year – so budget carefully as you won’t get another one (as a returning student) until October.

Are you travelling over Easter? Think about additional travel costs if you are, or the costs for staying in your accommodation.

There might be summer jobs being advertised about now; this is something to think about once exams are finished.


Final bursary payments made to estranged and care leaving students.

Do you need anything for accommodation for the Summer? Check with the Transitions Team if you need advice – you can also see if there is any financial support available form the DMU support Fund.


Make sure everything is sorted for your summer accommodation.

Reapply for student finance if you haven’t already.


If you're working, make sure you have the right tax code for your wages. Incorrect tax codes can mean too much tax being taken from your pay at the end of the month.

Think about saving wages, if you can,for the next academic year.

Do you need to get anything for your new student accommodation? Think about any additional costs there might be.


Make sure you check your emails for information from DMU and the Transitions Team – ask about bursary payments for the new academic year.

Get ready for your next year of studies.

The Transitions Team are here to help you on your DMU journey – contact us for help, support and guidance

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