Bi Visibility Day 2023

This year, Bi Visibility Day takes place on Saturday 23 September and is part of Bisexual Awareness Week from Saturday 16 to Saturday 23 September

Bi Visibility Day was first marked at the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) conference in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1999. Celebrated worldwide, the day highlights biphobia, bisexual and biromantic erasure, and raises awareness of the bisexual community.

Bi Visibility main

What is bisexuality

The term ‘bi’ (short for bisexuality) refers to people who have a romantic and/or sexual attraction towards more than one gender.

ULB champion for the LGBTQ+ and Allies Staff Network, Jill Cowley (Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts Design and Humanities) said: “At DMU we are fully inclusive of our bi staff and students and I want to reiterate that bi voices matter, are heard and are celebrated here at DMU. Diverse DMU means that we provide services at the university that are LGBTQ+ inclusive, as well as a safe environment to allow everyone to be themselves.

“Bi Visibility Day is important, as we must continue to raise awareness about issues faced by the bi community and champion Equality for all at DMU.”


More information and resources

We have a catalogue of past DMU Pride events available to watch on the DMU Events YouTube channel.

Click here to find out more about joining the LGBTQ+ Society.

DMU’s No Space for Hate campaign emphasises our commitment to challenge inappropriate behaviours and provide practical support to students who are victims, survivors or witnesses of hate or harassment.

Posted on Thursday 7 September 2023

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