LearningZone: Your new virtual learning environment


As the next academic year approaches, we will be introducing our new and improved virtual learning environment, LearningZone.

LearningZone will replace Blackboard from Monday 2 October and offers a more streamlined, easy-to-use system which makes it even easier for you to engage with key information and learning materials for your course. Its modern layout is both mobile-friendly and accessible too.

Some key features to look out for include:

Stay updated: The activity feed on your module homepage keeps you informed about module post messages, allowing you to leave comments. You can also further collaborate and susbscribe to discussion threads.

Work to do and calendar: Stay organised and view important and upcoming deadlines and dates from all course calendars. This makes it easier for you to plan ahead and organise your time. View assignment deadlines and upcoming course events and receive alerts on key notifications.

Keep track: The progress indicator allows you to track what you have already viewed in your course modules – content that you can revisit anytime 24/7.

Your marks: Easy access to submitted assignments, marks and feedback.

Make it personal: Customise your profile settings and add your preferred pronouns.

On the go: Access LearningZone from any device or download the mobile app ‘Pulse’.

We know you might have further questions about LearningZone and what you can expect when you return to study with us, so take a look at our handy FAQs below.

You can also refer to the LearningZone guide at any time which is full of helpful information to get you started.

If you experience any technical issues, please contact ITMSservicedesk@dmu.ac.uk.



What will my online course module site include?

Your course module sites will include content similar to what you may have accessed in your Blackboard course modules which have been curated by your course lecturers.

You should be able to typically access the following content in your online course modules:

  • Module activity posts
  • Module handbook and information
  • Module learning materials which include recorded lectures, web pages, PDFs, PowerPoint slides and other formats
  • Resource lists
  • Assessment information, including assignment submission details
  • Grades and feedback
  • Support links
  • Teaching staff information

Your lecturers can choose to apply further LearningZone tools as appropriate to the task and activity such as quizzes, checklists, group site and discussion forums, to name a few. Stay up to date and access your course modules regularly where you can pick up any module activity and module announcements. You can also receive email notifications to your DMU student account.

How can I get familiar with LearningZone?

There is an online student guide which is accessible from within LearningZone and the Support tab. It includes easy to follow videos and explanations. You can also access it from the DMU Library website.

We recommend that that you go through the following videos to get started to get an overview and become familiar with the interface and the course module structure:

The guide covers all features available in LearningZone with simple to follow videos. There is also a quick ‘Getting started with LearningZone’ handout.

Please note, your course modules will be ready to access in LearningZone come the start of the new academic term.

How do I get access to LearningZone?

You can get access to LearningZone from MyDMU or go directly in your web browser to https://learningzone.dmu.ac.uk.

Will Blackboard still be accessible?

Blackboard will be unavailable and retire from 1 October 2023.

Past years’ content in Blackboard modules is available on request via the module leader or programme leader.

Will there still be assignment submissions to Turnitin in LearningZone?

Yes, your lecturers can choose to set up assignment submission links in your modules which can be Turnitin-enabled for originality checking for written assignments.

Further support

Please see the LearningZone guide which you can refer to at any time.

If your issue is of a technical nature, please contact ITMSservicedesk@dmu.ac.uk.

Posted on Thursday 14 September 2023

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