Become 'Carbon Literate' and help DMU act on the climate emergency

*Updated 5 October 2023*

As the climate emergency continues to grab headlines, many people want to act to reduce carbon emissions, but would value support with finding the most effective actions to take, both at home and at work.

Carbon literacy560

To meet this need, DMU will be running 'Carbon Literacy' training sessions in October 2023, which aims to support staff and students to take meaningful steps together, contributing to collective action on the climate emergency.

The sessions are interactive, fun and informative, highlighting positive opportunities to make a difference and enabling participants to leave with their own plans for meaningful action. They will also include information on the main sources of carbon emissions linked to our work at DMU and how we can tackle climate change through our operations, teaching and research.

This training is one step towards DMU becoming a 'carbon literate organisation' – our goal is for staff, students and our community partners to have a strong understanding of climate-change issues and possible responses, to inspire collaborative action here at DMU and locally.

When can I take part?

In person sessions take place on: Wednesday 18 October and Wednesday 25 October12.30-4.30pm. Students will need to attend both sessions to complete the training. Participants also complete a preparatory task, watching and reflecting on a short film. You can register for the training by filling in the Carbon Literacy Sign-up Form.

If you have any further queries, including if you wish to attend on a later date, please contact Mark Hopkins.

Learn more about the Carbon Literacy Project.

Posted on Monday 18 September 2023

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