Governance and accountability


Governance and accountability will address the structures for monitoring and measuring decolonising, alongside data management. In this, the composition and role of the team and advisory groups will be addressed, in order that mechanisms are developed for scrutinising the work of the team. Here, engagement with all relevant stakeholders, including DSU, UCU, Unison and so on will be fundamental. A core element of this will be to enable processes and systems for alternative voices, and voices made marginal, to be heard in a meaningful manner. This will enable a critical review of policies and procedures and will also generate energy around personal responsibility for progressing race equality.   

Within this theme we commit to: 

  • Applying an anti-racist lens in reviewing policy and governance structures, ensuring effective and consistent roll out 
  • Establish mechanisms for collecting data and measuring progress   
  • Monitoring and communicating our progress in building an anti-racist university  
  • Establish corporate processes and systems to enable the lived experience to be expressed and influence decision making