Decolonising toolkit


This toolkit aims to provide a range of resources to help colleagues to engage in and work towards creating an anti-racist institution. The toolkit has been collaboratively created by staff across the university and will support both academic and professional services colleagues. 

For academic staff, the toolkit provides guidance and support on how to decolonise curricula (what is taught) as well as pedagogy (how it is taught). For professional services staff, the toolkit offers practical guidance for considering how decolonising translates into practice. For research staff, the toolkit offers a framework for applying a decolonising lens to our research. The toolkit also provides foundational resources to help all colleagues better understand decolonisation within higher education. 

The toolkit is an evolving entity and the Decolonising DMU are always looking to add and further develop resources. If you would like to make a contribution to the toolkit, please e-mail



Multimedia resources

Tips, Tricks and Takeaways Session Recording (YouTube playlist)

Decolonising DMU Podcast (Spotify podcast)