Decolonising DMU

The Decolonising DMU project, through DMU’s Race Equality Charter actions, aims to challenge racism and build an anti-racist university that creates fair outcomes for staff and students. 

Our mission is to dismantle racist barriers and structures so that staff and students can succeed. This will be achieved by challenging racism, changing cultures and behaviours, improving representation, progression and talent, and measuring this through governance and accountability frameworks to ensure equity in education and research.  

The Decolonising DMU project team is made up of staff and students from all areas of the institution, to ensure a broad perspective on our decolonising journey. The team also partners and collaborates with teams across the university community to embed decolonising principles in every element of university life. 

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Interim Report

Just over two years on from the launch of Decolonising DMU, the project team have released an interim report highlighting the achievements of the first phase of the project. The report also outlines how phase two of DDMU will modify the project’s focus, to serve staff and students at DMU more appropriately, and narrow the differential awarding gap.

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