Raising Awareness, Changing Culture and Behaviour

Raising Awareness, Changing Culture and Behaviour, the next phase of the project will develop an understanding of what Decolonising DMU means to the institution, in all its complexity. This will enable it to develop relevant policies in relation to dignity at work, bullying and harassment, and so on, which will frame guidelines on acceptable and appropriate behaviour. A central element of this is developing racial literacy. Beyond this, there will be a focus upon the physical and virtual environment, and how we engage in conversations with all students and staff. Here, understanding racism and activities like "unpacking the invisible knapsack" will help to build understanding and take action.  A core strand of this commitment is to build a sense of belonging, to make visible role models, and to build networks that engage all staff and students as active agents in building the anti-racist university.  

Within this theme we commit to: 

  • Create an environment/culture where conversations about race and racism are supported and progressed  
  • Build an understanding of racism, taking action and developing skills for all to challenge racism  
  • Ensure accessibility of inclusive spaces which reflect the identity of the DMU community and builds a sense of belonging  
  • Enable inclusive cultures in classrooms and work places via dedicated workshops and toolkits